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The Economic Revolution

The Economic Revolution is a grass-roots movement of modern professionals who enrich themselves by participating in an “alternative economy” that promotes more freedom of choice, a healthier environment, and a happier culture for everyone.

Known as “Venture Activists” these modern professionals are applying the 12-Step Program from the book Economic Revolution by Kerry Power (, which provides a blueprint for the localized, inclusive, and sustainable economies of the 21st-century, where “Doing the Right Thing” becomes more profitable and rewarding than clinging to the corrupted and collapsing 20th Century systems.

The Economic Revolution helps businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups, and even individuals, to easily raise funds ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, to finance their business ventures, social causes, or personal goals, so they can acquire the resources they need to improve and enrich both themselves and their communities.

“Venture Activist Kits” are also provided to further empower our modern professionals with the most cutting-edge professional advancement, marketing, and management applications in the world, made very easy to understand and apply, to level the playing field so local entrepreneurs can effectively compete with their multinational competitors.

The Economic Revolution has begun. Welcome!

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