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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
Join us for a bliss-filled evening as we honor the spirit of the Cacao tree. This ceremony will be an offering to the divine, recognizing and connecting to the divinity all around us and within. Cacao, Theobroma (aka Food of God), figured into pre-modern Maya society as a sacred food, sign of prestige, social centerpiece, and cultural touchstone. Around Chiapas, residents prepared the drinks as offerings. It was said that because the people enjoyed it, they knew their gods enjoyed it as well. In this ceremony, you will: • Connect with the spirit of the plant and welcome in all of its many gifts • Receive vibrational healing through sound baths, icaros (medicine songs) and chanting • Engage in Ecstatic Breathing that focus on an area of the body & the benefits of working on this area of the body • Stimulate the Olfactory System, body and corresponding Chakra with a Meditation Oil What to bring: • Blanket (optional) Preparation: • Light lunch RSVP: [masked] (please email to reserve your spot and cup of delicious cacao) Soundscape Facilitator: Miguel Buenaflor Miguel has performed medicine music in over 100+ various shamanic ceremonies in the Yucatan and in the US. Versed in songs of healing and awakening through many languages, he transcends the language barrier through his passionate play-style and serenading guitar melodies. As a student of Truth, his music aims to help you realize the splendor that you already are. Breathwork Facilitator: Erika Buenaflor Erika Buenaflor has been teaching Meditative and Breathwork Training for over 20 years. After using holistic healing methods to fully recover from a catastrophic injury, where she was told that she would likely not walk again and be in pain the rest of her life, she became dedicated to teaching about the amazing gifts of alternative healing methods. She has written Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo, as well as Curanderismo Soul Retrieval (release date 5/19). Find out more at

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What we're about

Ecstatic Breathwork promotes numerous Health, Emotional & Mental Benefits. Ecstatic Breathwork helps us to quickly de-stress; clear unwanted energies and memories that may be stuck in the body; develop a greater conscious awareness and connection with the mind, body and spirit; and can significantly improve our overall attention and focus.

At the Ecstatic Breathwork + Sound Healing Classes, We Will Explore and Experience:

• Effective Ways to Release Stressors of The Day Through Revitalizing Breathwork + Sound Baths
• Enhancing, or perhaps Re-Discovering, Your Playfulness & Sensuality
• How to Gracefully Move & Breathe Out Any Stuck Stressors, Memories & Experiences From The Body
• Ecstatic Sound Breathing to Enhance The Circuitry of Vital Essence Energy in The Body
• Interweaving Meditative Sound Baths with Ecstatic Breathing to Ground More Bliss Into Your Life
• Blissful Sound Baths
• Ecstatic Breathing Lessons That Focus On An Area of The Body & The Benefits of Working On This Area of The
• Closing Guided Meditations to Help to Gracefully Integrate Energy That Has Been Raised In The Body
• A Delicious Detoxifying Organic Herbal Tea

• Building A Heart-Centered Conscious Community

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