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Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Mediation, Live Music, Vegan Brunch, All Ages
Ecstatic Dance is a Salt Lake City community that comes together twice per week for Yoga, Movement, Dancing, Live Music, Meditation and Dinner or Brunch depending on the day. We believe that "You are welcome and that you are not alone." Although the entire event takes place at the Hare Krishna Temple in Salt Lake City, we are of no religious affiliation. We sometimes use local artist, and at other times, we fly in musicians from around the world to lead our dance journeys. The purpose of the DJ, the music, the yoga, the sobriety aspect, is to create an (Ecstatic State) through movement and music. By ecstatic state, we are referring to a freedom that is beyond the bounds of your everyday life. On the way to experiencing this deep state of connection with the world around you, that is represented by the micro culture of the dance floor, you will likely run into "blocks" or "discomfort" and the feeling of the connection and love that we would call an ecstatic state, is actually your birthright, which is being temporarily blocked by your egoic conditioning. All ages are encouraged to participate and there is absolutely no experience or fitness level required. Often, trained dancers run into more difficulty letting go than do those who do not consider themselves dancers. We have a mediation space set up so that if you tire of dancing, you may meditate, pull cards, read or journal. We also have social places in the front as well as in the garden. We also have free childcare if the children don't want to participate. Ecstatic Dance is also home to a large permaculture urban forest with fruit trees, vegetables and a bee hive. Approximately[masked] people of all ages attend each dance. Some arrive for the whole experience and others arrive later or leave earlier. You can arrive for as much or as little as you wish. There are a few guidelines of the space that are sincerely and vigilantly upheld: 1. No talking on the dance floor. (You can talk in the front lobby, garden or anywhere other than the dance floor and mediation space.) 2. No electronics used anywhere on the dance floor or mediation space. This includes cell phones and all electronics. (Our goal is to stay embodied and to connect with other humans.) 3. Consent. You must have an obvious and visual yes in order to dance with another person. They are able to end the dance at anytime for any reason. Most dance by themselves. 4. No strong scents or perfumes or body odor. Come showered and clean and don't mask scents with colognes. 5. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol or smoking. 6. Absolutely no photography or videos. (This is a very vulnerable experience and most would not want that shared with strangers. Ecstatic Dance Video: 965 E 3370 S SLC, UT 84106 Sundays 11am-3pm 11am: Yoga & Movement Classes 12-2:30pm: Ecstatic Dance 2:30pm: Live Music 3pm: Vegan Brunch Facebook Page: Cost: $15 Adults

Krishna Temple Salt Lake City

965 East 3370 South · Salt Lake City, UT

What we're about

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a free movement dance celebration that takes place without talking and with a live DJ. Think of a Rave, minus the drugs, minus limiting the music to only electronic music, mixed with all age groups and no structure and you have some basic idea of ecstatic dance, well not really, but at least you have an idea.

The point of ecstatic dance, at least how we see it, is to enjoy music and movement in a space where you can feel free to move and do what you like with your body and soul. Some amazing benefits of ecstatic dance are the ability to become comfortable in your own skin, and move in ways that you may have never moved, with others in a safe space with out talking and judgment.

Ecstatic dance is done sober, there is no alcohol nor drugs involved. You can show up when you like, leave when you like, and dress however you like. We ask that you dance barefoot, wear socks and or dancing shoes. We also have a community lunch following every ecstatic dance where dancers can meet one another and actually talk.

The first hour of ecstatic dance consists of a movement class that changes week over week, class examples are yoga, tai chi, acro dance, acro yoga etc. The next three hours consist of dancing. DJ's change week over week.

What if I can't dance?

Perfect! Then ecstatic dance is for you! There is no structure to ecstatic dance, you can roll on the ground the whole time if you like, you can dance with partners, dance by yourself, dance with your eyes closed or simply jump around. What you will find is that the more you do it, the more the music dances you and not the other way around.

What to expect:

-A safe place to express yourself through movement

-The most fun and incredible workout ever!

-A place to let loose all the tension of daily life

-An amazing place for community and growth

-A place you meet yourself and others

What NOT to expect:

-Do not expect a place to escape through the use of drugs and alcohol, everything has it's place, here is not that place

-It's not a place of criticism or dancing perfectionism

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