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The best way to stay in touch with us is to sign up to receive our newsletters at the bottom of this page: www.ecstaticdancetoronto.com.

Our dance schedule is very much dependent on Covid government regulations.

All are welcome. Community. Music. Dance. Ecstatic Dance is a chance to dance freely and move however you want to all kinds of rhythms, beats and genres with a room full of beautiful people doing exactly the same thing! Find yourself dancing 🙂

We are back and dancing on the following Thursday nights:

Thursday, Sept 23 2021 7pm-9:30pm

Thursday, Sept 30 2021 7pm-9:30pm

Thursday, Oct. 7 2021 7pm-9:30pm

(with optional social time at the end)

Many of you have shared that you feel more secure if you can register for dance as opposed to just show up. I'm happy to go back to registrations required starting immediately. Maximum capacity is 25. Registration is required.

Here are the details:


Dream Yoga Dance Studio

371 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Located at Chester Station

Register Here:

Email: juliaray@rogers.com

Subject line: I wanna dance September 23 and 30, 2021 (your actual dates)

Email me at juliaray@rogers.com and please include "I wanna dance Sept 23 and 30, 2021" in the subject line with the actual dates you will be attending. I'll respond to the first 25 dancers and send you a confirmation email so please reply quickly. My apologies to those who come after the first 25. Unfortunately that is the maximum, as everyone knows.

***Please note that registration is based on an honour system. If you’ve registered and need to cancel, please give us a minimum of 48 hour notice or as soon as you know so that others can take your spot. This is important, since there are only a limited number who can attend. If you do register and then don't show up, you won't be able to register for future dances with limited capacity.


"Dance is one of the most powerful forms of magical ritual...

It is an outer expression of the inner spirit."

~ Ted Andrews


Gregory, Ferenc and Sabrina will be sharing uniquely crafted musical journeys for your energies to root, renew and flow like a river running clear, strong, wild and free.

7pm-8pm: Arrive. Move. Stretch. Socialize.

8pm Opening Circle

8pm-9:30pm: Ecstatic Dance Journey

9:30pm: Closing Circle. Sounding. Sharing.

9:30pm-11pm: Snacks and Social Time

7pm-8pm The entry time has been extended to one hour so that we have plenty of time to arrive, stretch, move our bodies, catch up with old and new friends we haven't seen in a year, take a nap, have a snack, read a book or simply relax quietly in a corner and meditate.

8pm We will come together for Opening Circle. The DJ will guide us through some gentle breathing stretches to awaken and relax the body. Together we will settle onto the ground for an inspiring meditation.

8pm-9:30pm Our ecstatic dance journey will start and as usual there is no talking unless something is urgent. Sounding is welcome. We play a variety of rhythms and beats from around the world that encourage movement and expression! The journey starts in a low beat to give your body the chance to ground, connect and warm up. The rhythms and beats progressively increase to an energetic peak and slowly come back to conclude with a smooth landing back into stillness.

9:30pm We'll gather for Closing Circle to sound and harmonize a little together and share reflections from the night (only if we wish). Delicious snacks will be passed around and our circle will be open for socializing until 11pm.

Invite your dancing friends and share the love of dance, music and community!!!

The best way to stay in the loop these days is not CrazyBook even though I am creating events here. (I do it only to reach some of you who are not on our newsletter). The best way to stay in touch is our newsletter so click here www.ecstaticdancetoronto.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ecstaticdancetoronto.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3SIhMD6R65tdEQKO201I3T8wg4WJflKZX4cRMojYc2zSmgrVNSf9j1ErY&h=AT32PLj2nhVSRGcK9fTtL8Ps86oqb2VjrgPq-pENqeEhr-hXnwPqftMfHgtivQwJ5RTIdsQ_FOd48EuMMmneJEpcLAFIcNfYsuMywvoM-1h0_LQr3pocnvUgh4x9kqMCAvLD0KpBjGR7-8nOkQI8q60&__tn__=q&c[0]=AT2UkD49AzNIYhUKHoWcu06Ckq6rvGqLyKHr1cYHqD3vObqXINMlsDHzqzIbZ1aY39ut5WhCVd1QRiY6e69ZFEINgsKOzWKuwqzFMi81_DNLxWcw6cSfNWVMNF7LcLJ8zLW7jiyPf7zfxYLCWcxp-TjO5DHX7KTYrc3R-GX6PFR8f54) scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up.

Email me with any questions: juliaray@rogers.com

The best way to stay in touch is our newsletter so click here

www.ecstaticdancetoronto.com (http://www.ecstaticdancetoronto.com/) scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up. Yes this website was designed when Covid hit and we moved to an online platform. We are no longer offering online dances. We are dancing in person as often as government regulations will allow us to gather indoors.

Email me with any questions: juliaray@rogers.com

Invite your dancing friends and share the love of dance, music and community! Make Ecstatic Dance a regular part of your healthy life because it's that good!

There is a structure to the night so try to arrive on time to get the most of your dance experience. The evening starts slow and builds to an energetic peak and then moves back down to a quiet meditative place. Every night is a different and unique musical and dance experience. Ultimately this is a dance class/practise/gathering where we find our own way to move and dance to all the rhythms and beats of life. So enlivening, so freeing and sooo much fun!!!

Ecstatic dance is freestyle dance - move however you wish - honour your body - dance with bare feet - no experience necessary - all ages, genders, cultures, sizes are welcome - respect yourself and one another - bring comfortable clothes to move in - bring water to drink - alcohol-free and recreational drug-free - safe and sacred space - let the music take you on a journey - see you on the dance floor

Health is not only the non-existence of sickness, but also a state of complete physical, emotional and social well-being. Many of our regular dancers have told me over the years that ecstatic dance has played a significant role in restoring their well-being and health.

Dance has long been revered for its power to restore both body and mind. Through time and culture it has also reinforced the bonds of community and allowed us to uncover the deeper aspects of who we are as human beings. Dance has also been used as a manner of worship, celebration, story-telling and myth-making, and to celebrate important rites of passage. Dance is an essential part of life! What are you waiting for?

"Dancers are the athletes of God." Albert Einstein

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