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Ecstatic Hearts provides a variety of classes and experiential trainings that enable people to connect more deeply and easily with themselves and others, increase people's health, vitality and energy, as well as, dramatically improve people's love lives. This group is dedicated to Open Hearts and Minds, Freedom of Self Expression, Sexual Empowerment, Self-Improvement, and Spirituality. We celebrate the Tantric Arts with song, dance, and love to truly connect with others deeply.

Our most powerful trainings we provide are our weekend intensive retreats. Scott and Melanie studied and learned Tantra from Ipsalu Tantra and Tantra Hearts as well as other teachers and provide trainings, gatherings and tantra yoga retreats that help to heal, inspire, awaken and activate the body and mind through connection, intimacy and love. Come join us and live an awakened, exciting, peaceful and ecstatic life!

We also offer online trainings so you can study Tantra at home. So if you would like to check Tantra out in the comfort of your home please check out www.EcstaticHearts.com We are excited to offer these study at home opportunities and we look forward to see you out and about in the community.

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Ecstatic Hearts Austin Dinner Social (1st Mondays)

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Let's meet up for some food and conversation. This is a great time to get to know the community. Feel free to invite friends. Closer to Houston than Austin? The Houston contingent of Ecstatic Hearts will host a simultaneous community potluck: https://www.meetup.com/Ecstatic-Hearts-of-Austin/events/241188428/

Ecstatic Hearts Houston Dinner Social (1st Mondays)

Ecstatic Hearts

Closer to Houston than Austin? At the same time as the Ecstatic Hearts Austin dinner social, our Houston Tantra scholars Sita and Dala will also host a potluck. Please bring a food item to share and get to know the local community.

Austin Red Hot Puja Play Party: March 29, 2019

8502 Spring Valley Dr

So, what is a Red Hot Puja Play Party? This is a facilitated experiential Tantric Playshop for the sexually adventurous. This very special night welcomes all, and invites you to explore areas that you may have been curious about or hesitant to act on. We will be playing with sensuality, connection, and sexual energy. During free play, you are welcome to get as hot and sexy as you so desire. However, attending does not guarantee any type of sexual experience. It is a co-creation of other participants and always comes from choice. Though we recommend attending a previous Pink Puja Party prior to this event, it is not necessary to attend in this experience. WHO Should Attend? : -Are you thoughtful and respectful of other’s boundaries and requests? -Do you know how to communicate your desires clearly and/or willing to practice this? -Are you sensually, erotically, and/or spiritually open or want to expand in these areas? -Do you feel this night may stretch your comfort zone? -Do you want to play full-on or just sit back and watch in a pressure-free environment? -Can you come with a compassionate, fun-loving, non-judgmental attitude? -Will you conduct yourself with integrity, generosity, caring, and kindness? If so, then this experience is for YOU! Participants must be at least 18 years of age, and there is no upper age limit. This event is an intimate experience and can be enjoyed with or without a partner. All genders, bodies, and orientations welcome. Come as you are and have a fantastic time! TIME Doors open at 7:30 PM and CLOSE at 8:30 PM. You Must Be Here Before 8:30pm to Play! It is essential to have everyone present for the opening circle to create a sacred space. There will not be anyone admitted after the doors are closed to preserve everyone's sense of safety and security. The Welcome Circle is what we use to introduce ourselves to one another, establish ground rules, and set the intention and context of the evening. Tip: (http://www.sexuality.org/ is a good site to go to for safer sex info.) Also, if you would like to see a video on what our Consent guidelines are, please click here https://www.ecstatichearts.com/blog/consent-is-sexy 7:30 pm: Potluck. We will begin the evening with snacks, a meet, greet, and eat. This is a great way to connect with other guests, see whom you may want to engage with throughout the evening, and make some amazing new friends. 8:30 pm: Tantra Begins. Doors Lock, so no new people can disrupt the space. We then create a nurturing, safe and sacred container within which to play. We will experience Tantric movement, breath, and interactions to entice your imagination, stimulate your body, and arouse your sexual energy. Once the juices and energy are flowing and the group is synergizing, we will have a closing circle and then move into free form play. 10:00ish Afterparty with Free Form Play (optional). All Red Puja attendees are invited to participate in consensual co-creation in whatever ways one desires. This is a great opportunity to experiment in taking your curiosity and sexual exploration to the next level. People may choose to play only with the partner they bring, or explore playing with new people. Please: If you are in a relationship, discuss your relationship agreements before coming to the party so you have at least a starting point of clarity on this. Ending time ??? will depend on the group, but usually concludes between midnight and 2am. WHAT to Bring - Dress in something that makes you comfortable and sexy; one can change on premises. Lingerie is encouraged and accepted as is any other style of clothing you feel sexy in. - Blankets, pillows, and/or any kind of cushy yumminess to enhance your experience. - Food and/or drink to share. - Safer sex accessories: condoms, dental dams, gloves, toys, lube, or whatever you may want, to create the perfect evening. I like to be prepared for anything! - And of course, please bring a playful attitude and an open heart. This Red Puja Play Party may include sexy and intimate exercises. It is recommended, but not required that you bring a partner with whom to participate. All genders and orientations are welcome. Click here to register! You need to purchase your ticket in advance. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/austin-red-hot-puja-play-party-tickets-54853414038 We recommend that this be a drug-free event, so that all participants may be fully connected and present. While alcohol may be consumed (though not provided), anyone who becomes intoxicated or is otherwise not in total control of their bodies will be asked to leave.

Ecstatic Hearts Houston Dinner Social (1st Mondays)

Ecstatic Hearts

Closer to Houston than Austin? At the same time as the Ecstatic Hearts Austin dinner social, our Houston Tantra scholars Sita and Dala will also host a potluck. Please bring a food item to share and get to know the local community.

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Houston Stretch Game Night

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