Circle Singing @ Dusty Strings in Fremont


March's Circle Sing JAM will be held at Dusty Strings Music Shop and School ( in Fremont. Hosted by our own Debby Boland Watt (

Circle Singing was developed by Bobby McFerrin ( & supports freestanding pieces of music by layering improvised parts. Frequently used are Rhiannon ('s Vocal River exercises while learning to express our own music spontaneously.

What a joyful journey of self-discovery and the collective conscious. This class is designed for singers of every level so consider joining us as we explore improvisation within the comfort of a safe vocal community. $5. donation

Visit: ( for more info!

"Debby may quite possibly be the female Bobby McFerrin of Seattle! Her vocal fireworks, pops, flourishes and zippy-do-da's are not only fun and inventive, but musical as well. Her singing is reminiscent of Jay Clayton, Bobby McFerrin and other true pioneers of vocal improvisation and singing. Debby is a full meal deal vocalist and unafraid to explore her instrument unlike so many other singers in Jazz and beyond."

J.R. Seattle, WA