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EdTech Chicago is the hub for keynotes, panel discussions, and hands-on learning experiences that inspire teachers, entrepreneurs, technologists, education reformers, and edtech enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and innovate. We will be meeting monthly to explore the intersection of education and technology, to learn about the latest technologies that support education, and to hear from teachers about the problems in education that must be fixed now. We challenge our community in Chicago to think through ways in which technology can enhance and promote real learning to positively transform education.


This meetup is currently sponsored by Leostream
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Leostream is a vendor-agnostic platform providing a comprehensive and scalable solution for organizations to deliver and manage virtual desktops, remote sessions, and applications hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. Support for VMWare, Azure, AWS, and more. Ideal for remote classroom workflows and distance learning environments.

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Back to School: Preparing for Hybrid Remote Learning

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Are only some of your students returning to campus in the fall? Join Leostream and Liquidware to learn how you can manage student connections from anywhere. Register: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/18372/425849?utm_source=Leostream Topics to discuss include: • Challenges when managing both on-campus and remote access to classroom and lab machines • How to provide access to student applications from anywhere • Managing your users, no matter where they are located • Methods for monitoring student and staff usage to quickly detect issues • On-prem, Edge, and Cloud workflows for now and in the future • Leostream and Liquidware demonstration With the Leostream and Liquidware solution, you can easily handle today’s challenge while investing in tomorrow. Presenters: • Karen Gondoly, CEO / VP Product Management, Leostream • Jason Smith, VP Products, Liquidware • Thomas Lahaussois, Director of Alliances, Liquidware Learn more about Leostream: https://leostream.com Learn more about Liquidware: https://liquidware.com

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