What we're about

This group is for innovators in education.

By bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and all-around education enthusiasts, the Seattle Ed Tech creates a collaborative space where people across sectors can work together to tackle challenges and find meaningful solutions to challenges in the global education landscape.

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Link to: Slack (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt-2FuST3Q0bI9BN6e1NoEtwkdAaMH9RvTDB9fcCCGvJL2-2BooH-2BDxGehB73oGnzG2jeFA8qrufhoFpL1GdtHalPY2XzCqp8ZUtBaHNYuCPsYCjhuhYhW5LE11BwFaLKhlEmHbUNYjNVia-2BDCtnrTSwJGyZ1mROhRuoAYQv-2Bd3XjIjs8m4z0eajRZqDC3DnIfmQlPST-2BROmKWHyDiCe0aSLDsQE-3D_j69TppKtoheIiuvXUUvh3BxwV3kL1tvbWu9w1z2KGQ5Xg8UK6153Cl1a-2FS-2BTln2pxS6OF9xmUAmbMDxnsVS2ODd6PXK9HPY7mvDBXCAnBfqy8vuAIlbint9qgo8KlcQiIUDrTaeeokIQ3SL1JO3ncicnbNbhKXqcrCEEs2XY4RE3p4PfCt7eW8YBCnbH5up5x8NHffLh1CoCiXdN0kHMpWzrsZUT-2BlvOtXPOlcUOfSk-3D)

Link to: twitter (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt83JAQHJlAZkqSbZaCOIfdQiSsAdV5JolGSpbo-2Bue9zh_j69TppKtoheIiuvXUUvh3BxwV3kL1tvbWu9w1z2KGQ5Xg8UK6153Cl1a-2FS-2BTln2pxS6OF9xmUAmbMDxnsVS2OGlYsMlw9purH86ZAjVf0HzVhYipf2QIX5BXUEq6k0j-2FcUq0z-2FLJuansqmo3S-2B3tytxbKZrKZvWUS7UGfFvc1-2FPJuBiXygSVns6H6abCGA1M-2F4brn-2Fj4Fls7BQrO0N-2B3vZpCfyVDDz7lA6eyoE6dHbY-3D)

Link to: LinkedIn (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt4SWsmvHGAlbKk19PsXMk-2FUp8mZqi4nOCPZ5m9XSyv3wyK-2FrJHRL-2F59boBUX4kiO2Q-3D-3D_j69TppKtoheIiuvXUUvh3BxwV3kL1tvbWu9w1z2KGQ5Xg8UK6153Cl1a-2FS-2BTln2pxS6OF9xmUAmbMDxnsVS2OKGPXsyE7uHKA5bZ-2Fepwl0nspp9mXizQugiOHyWJAZW4Ok9C7FLIQP79WlhVAzX5EzsLi-2BeZB18rC9SbaF-2B4-2BxGep7MVdJivMwKa9OW0IuKcE8hP2ecq-2FwQctl43jZZh2d7Ol063k4enVS1qUqwIU-2FY-3D)

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Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek 2022 (Feb 7-9)

Online event

The DeveloperWeek team has offered our group 25 free OPEN Passes and discounted PRO Passes to the conference, so our members can attend the event.

****Be sure to sign up via the link below****

Register here:

Join 8,000+ developers, engineers, architects, managers, and executives to discover & learn the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, tools, and technical management.

DeveloperWeek 2022, the world's largest developer & engineering conference & expo, is coming up Feb 7-9 (ALL-VIRTUAL).

Join us and 250+ speakers to discover what’s new in: API & Microservices, AI & Machine Learning, New Coding Languages, Containers & Kubernetes, IoT & Hardware, Developer-Led Innovation, Blockchain/DeFi, Quantum Computing, Product Management & Development, DevOps & DevSecOps, Technical Leadership & Management, Cloud-Native Development, Edge Computing, and more...

Register now to get your free OPEN Pass or to SAVE $100 on your PRO Pass.

To register, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/developerweek-2022-registration-164532975559?discount=MU7165&utm_campaign=MU7165&utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=email

Seattle Ed Tech Happy Hour (In Person)

Needs a location

Happy New Year!

Our aim is to have our first in person event in a while! Location will be updated as we get closer (with option to move to virtual if needed).

Join educators, technologist, and general ed tech enthusiasts to discuss all things Ed Tech!

The event will be lightly structured to give you all as much time to connect, network, and share ideas as possible. Come ready to chat about what you are up to in the realm of Ed Tech or what excites you. Maybe you even have a problem you are working on solving you can bring to the group!

Can't wait to see you all!

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Happy Hour Networking!

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