What we're about

This group is for innovators in education. We strive to keep the balance between educators and technologists in our group.

By bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and all-around education enthusiasts, the Edu Tech Innovators group creates a collaborative space where people across sectors can work together to tackle challenges and find meaningful solutions to the systemic problems in the global edu landscape.

We're people and professionals who want to unleash applications to facilitate learning and fulfill our promise to students whose needs are not met by the current educational system and market.

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Game Design and Education

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This session is all about what happens when games designer and education technology designer connect with their users, teachers and students! We have two fantastic speaker joining us who have both worked on the Minecraft Education Edition Team and more! Check out their Bio's here Meenoo Rami- Speaking about- Building for and building with educators Meenoo Rami, author of Thrive, is a national board certified teacher who taught students English in Philadelphia for ten years, at the Science Leadership Academy and in other public schools in the city. The founder of #engchat, an international Twitter chat for English teachers, Meenoo is a teacher-consultant for the National Writing Project and an instructor in Arcadia University’s Connected Learning Certificate Program. Meenoo has also worked as a teaching fellow with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where she led the portfolio to help teachers refine their practice through collaboration. Currently, Meenoo works as a Senior Program Manager helping education, nonprofit, and government organizations to accelerate their digital transformation at Microsoft. Follow Meenoo on Twitter @meenoorami. Also check out her new mini-podcast series https://meenoorami.org/podcast-miniseries-with-heinemann-publishing/ Jeff McKune- Principal Dev Lead at Minecraft Education Speaking about- Lessons learned from teachers and students

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School Year Kick Off Happy Hour

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