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This is a group for people interested in learning and practicing ancient shamanic methods of exploring, developing and transforming of their consciousness. The mission of a Shaman is to assist spiritual evolution of human beings. It is done through educating about the structure of the Universe and assisting an individual, who now lives in the modern society to come back to the unity with self, to the unity with Nature, and with the whole Universe. I'll be honored to offer various classes, circles and events to be of a service to my community. Instagram: @shamanesschokbar

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Dear Shamanic Club - Summer Solstice is coming up!

The exact time of the solstice this year is at 10:58 am EST, June 21. It is late morning, on Wednesday.

No matter what you do, if you can set 30 minutes aside to be in a meditation state to consciously align yourself with the Universal energies - it is absolutely worth it.

I am inviting anyone who would like to share Summer Solstice magic with me, even if you are in a different time zone. It is a 30 minutes remote meditation.

Summer Solstice time, in short, is a time of - Dreams Come True. Why? Simply because Fire element is waking up and all the elements will be awake and active! For our dreams to come true - we need all elements to be awakened in Nature and in our own consciousness. We need to think about our dreams and what feeds our hearts and souls.

Anyone who would like to be included in my Shamanic Prayers and Blessings during Summer Solstice Shamanic Fire Meditation, please register here and I will be including you, as my offering of service.

Prepare to be in a meditation state from 10:45 am till 11:15 am. Use your rattles and/or drums or just be in a comfortable position with your eyes closed while breathing deeply.

If you would be able to have a real bonfire at that exact time that would be absolutely awesome.

If you also will be able to put a flower on your altar, have a candle, incense and a little food offering (as simple as a shot of milk and/or piece of bread) that would be terrific! These will feed your dreams in a shamanic way. Are you ready to feed your dreams? :)

Before you start your meditation think about your dreams and after it, write some words that are inspired.

Many Magical, Shamanic Summer Solstice Blessings and Light! THIS TIME IS FOR MIRACLES. Remember that! And remember that the biggest miracle is always YOU!

This is a REMOTE event. It is Not online. We are just tuning in to the inner planes and doing our group, shamanic meditation all at the same time. See you by the fire on the Inner planes. :)

To see some photos of some previous shamanic rituals on my Instagram: @shamanesschokbar





I am inviting you to join for a SUMMER SOLSTICE SHAMANIC DAY RETREAT on Saturday, June 24.

Summer Solstice is a time of dreams come true because of the awakening of all 4 elements. The Shamanic Fire Ritual feeds your dreams in a very real way.

We will have a transformative, magical day centered around Shamanic Summer Solstice Fire Ritual and various forms of shamanic practices, including dancing meditation and energy practices.

You would need to have your rattle with you. It could be made out of glass jar with corn/rice/beans in it. If you have a drum, bring it too.

It will be outdoors. Tea and snacks will be available.

More details and the address will be provided for people who will feel a pull and a call in their heart to participate in this ancient form of self-transformation.

Shamans ritualized the process of human transformation since the dawn of humanity and the work still continues.

It is best to get here by car, or otherwise 194 bus from Port Authority bus terminal in New York and then Uber.

Minimum suggested energy exchange/Light offering/donation is $123. PayPal would be the preferred method.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience something different, do your inner work together with me, shift and transform yourself to a new level. Are you ready? :)

Space is limited. The reservations will be closed 2 days prior.

More info on my shamanic healing practice at www.tuvanshaman.com

To participate: reserve here and confirm with a PayPal, under friends and family category, since this is not a business.

I am looking forward to be of service.

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