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This is a group for people interested in learning and practicing ancient shamanic methods of exploring, developing and transforming of their consciousness. The mission of a Shaman is to assist spiritual evolution of human beings. It is done through educating about the structure of the Universe and assisting an individual, who now lives in the modern society to come back to the unity with self, to the unity with Nature, and with the whole Universe. I'll be honored to offer various classes, circles and events to be of a service to my community. Instagram: @shamanesschokbar


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New Moon Shamanic Healing Rattling Circle

Online event


Dear Shamanic Club/Tribe, there will be a New Moon in Pieces on March 13.
I am inviting you for an online Shamanic Healing Rattling Circle. We will be doing it through zoom platform.

Rattling is a form of a shamanic meditation with the whole body being involved. It is an ancient tool to access the present moment. It is an opportunity for your inner healing work. It is an opportunity to keep developing your extra sensory perceptions. It is an opportunity to keep learning how to access Shamanic state of consciousness.

The rattle is used to invoke the assistance of your Power Animals and helping Spirits. The sound of the rattle is connected to the water element and assists a person to shift into an altered state of consciousness, where self healing is happening faster.

If you never rattled - you could be in for a big surprise of how it effects you. Very positive. People reported their aches and pains disappearing.

For those of you who already have developed Shamanic practice at home, this is an opportunity to continue to deepen your practice with all of us, set new intentions for the month and celebrate New Moon.

For new people: I am hereditary Tuvan Shamaness. For more info on my work and healing practice: www.tuvanshaman.com

Instagram: @shamanesschokbar

What to bring: any type of a rattle, could be self made out of a glass jar filled with corn, beans or rice. If you have a drum, bring it too.

Desire to learn more about yourself and the world and a positive attitude.

As always you are encouraged to create Shamanic Altar prior to our Rattling Circle. If you are new, just put some candles, incense, flowers, simple food offerings, power objects on your Altar/table. If you don't have anything or don't know how yet, at least put a bowl of water and a candle as part of the preparation for the Shamanic Healing Rattling Circle.

To participate, please, reserve here and confirm your reservation with a PayPal transfer. My PayPal is: [masked]. Minimum suggested energy exchange/light offering: $13
You are always welcome to share more.

Important: make sure to put it under friends and family category, as this is not a business.

If your name on meetup differs from your PayPal name, please, specify your meetup name in the note section of your PayPal transfer. This way I know who it is from and you will surely receive the zoom link.

I will send a zoom link about 30 minutes prior to the event.

Important: Reservations will be closed a day before.

If you have an energetic pull and a desire to set your new intentions with us on the Pieces New Moon night, reserve early.

Because of the nature of this work, no late arrivals. Please, be there and ready on the dot.

We will have two 40 minutes zoom sessions.

If you have never done anything like this, I encourage you to try it. Don't feel intimidated. If not now, when? The world needs more people who are not in the ordinary state of consciousness. Who know how to elevate themselves, transform and how to heal. Try it. :)

Shamanic rattling meditation also works wonders for people who have challenges to do classic motionless meditation.

I am looking forward to be of service and see you there!

Spring Equinox Shamanic Fire Ritual/Collective Meditation to Heal

On March 20th there will be a Spring Equinox!

It is a perfect time to celebrate and set aside some time in the early morning to honor and align with these amazing, universal energies through our remote shamanic meditation.

If I will be able to, I will build an actual shamanic fire in the woods with offerings on behalf of all of you. To see photos from past rituals on Instagram: @shamanesschokbar

On Spring Equinox the Water Element is waking up from a deep sleep. In order for us as human beings to create anything this year we need energy and we need lots of it, and this energy is supplied by the Water Element.

Water Element is waking up and rushing forward to form a space of what suppose to happen for us individually and collectively. Water Element belongs to an energy of the chaos. Which then explains why we can't create anything new if we are too set in our ways.

The exact timing of the Spring Equinox this time is 5:37 am. We will be on from 5:30 am till 6:00 am, EST.

The energy of the Water Element is the energy of the chaos, which symbolizes the death of the old, in order for something new to be born. Let's become like Water, let's let the old go without grasping, so the flow brings us new.

Think what can you let go in your life at this time? An old habit? An old belief? Old clothes? What can your clear out, in order to align with the energy of the Earth, Water Element and the Universe.

Traditionally the symbols of the Spring Equinox are a hare/rabbit and an egg.

It is best to join our meditation by lighting candles or bonfire, be in a comfortable body position, close your eyes, start becoming conscious of your breathing, then envision yourself in a circle of other people, including me in my full Shaman's attire by the bright bonfire in the spring forest, next to a beautiful river.

If you have a rattle/drum please feel free to use it. If you feel so inclined, put some altar offerings for the Spirits of your Ancestors, your Power Animals, Gods and Goddesses you personally are connected to. As a Shaman, I will open and hold remote meditation space for all who will join our Spring Equinox Shamanic Meditation Circle for the duration of 30 minutes.

It is my offering to you. ''See'' you by the Fire on the inner planes!


There is a reason why in the word "AbunDance'' there is a ''Dance'' part. Think about that. :)

Dear beautiful Souls, join me for a full moon, which is happening in Libra for a 40 minutes dance practice to lift our spirits higher, celebrate, create a wave of joy and wellbeing in our physical and emotional bodies of consciousness. As well as a sense of community.

In the beginning we will take a moment to create an intention for this full moon and to honor the harmonious Libra energies.

Last several times after 40 minutes we hopped back on and stayed another 40 minutes doing shamanic rattling and drumming meditation and sharing with each other.

If we would want to continue, we can do the same this time.

Lets add to the medicine bag one more tool: a dance practice where we dance together, but each has his or her own music on. :) We will connect trough zoom and have a grid view on to see each other, then each will put a mute mode on and dance to their own choice of music.

People danced since the dawn of humanity and they danced to create more energy. If you think you can't dance - think again. If you have a physical body - you can dance. :)

How to join: Register here and I will send a link 30 minutes prior to ''DANCE TO YOUR OWN DRUM BEAT'' dance practice.

Important rule: you have to have your camera on for all to see you and you have to dance. :)

This is a free offering.

Shamanic Expedition to Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta


We are postponing our Shamanic Expedition till September, 2021 to be on the save side. We are still going. :) If you feel like you would love to join next year, just get on the waiting list. You never know.

I am inviting a small group of 7 - 9 - 11 people to join me on a Shamanic Expedition to Mount, Shasta, California on Fall Equinox. If you ever wanted to travel there and spend time going on hikes to the mountain, caves, waterfalls, lake and other sacred sites for the purpose of various types of healing meditations and energy practices for your personal benefit, as well as for the benefit of the Earth itself - this would be your dream come true. :)

Mount Shasta is a sacred, power place on Earth. There are many legends about it. It has been calling me for some time. :) Right now I am in the middle of doing research to find right accommodations, possibly local guide to assist with hikes, and other logistics. My approach is to find the most budget friendly, modest accommodations.

If you would love to be a part of it, please reserve here and I will get back to you. If you feel you could contribute to our travel team in some meaningful way, please let me know. For example: you are a good cook, a yoga enthusiast/instructor, a clean driver, a great photographer and such. If you have been there and want to share some advice, please do so. :)

Approximate energy exchange/tuition/offering for my work as a Shaman during our Shamanic Expedition is $600. You could share more. :)

However, if you feel you absolutely have to be there, specifically with me and specifically this time, and you are having some financial difficulties, let me know, so we could find some mutually comfortable way. Everyone will pay their airfare separately. We will share all the other costs of lodging, like car rental/food/cabin rental/local guide between all the participants.

Please, note this is just an overview. I will share all the details with people who will have an active interest to join. No previous experience in shamanic healing is necessary. However, this trip would best serve people who are regularly meditating, have a strong interest in healing arts, energy healing, extra-sensory perceptions and self-transformation. Who is ready for such adventure? :)

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