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This is a group for people interested in learning and practicing ancient shamanic methods of exploring, developing and transforming of their consciousness. The mission of a Shaman is to assist spiritual evolution of human beings. It is done through educating about the structure of the Universe and assisting an individual, who now lives in the modern society to come back to the unity with self, to the unity with Nature, and with the whole Universe. I'll be honored to offer various classes, circles and events to be of a service to my community. Instagram: @shamanesschokbar

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Join me for a zoom event, where I will remind you what a Power Animal is, and everyone has at least one and then - we will practice Power Animal Dance together.

Presently, there is so much turbulence and chaos on the planet, more than ever before we need to be aware and connected to the source of our inner power and strength.

This is your inner work time. This is not a performance or a mind oriented lecture. This is - your shamanic practice with a guidance of a shaman. It is suited for a total beginner, a serious student of a shamanic path or a seasoned shamanic practitioner.

More info on my shamanic healing practice: www.tuvanshaman.com

How to prepare:

Be alone in a room where nobody can disturb you for the duration of our practice.

Have a rattle of any kind. Could be done from a little glass jar filled with beans or rice or/and corn to the point of liking the sound it produces.

Prepare simple shamanic altar with offerings. Could be as simple as a candle, a flower, glass of water, piece of bread and any incense or dry herb to smudge the room, your altar, yourself.

Register here and reserve your spot with a transfer of the suggested offering/donation. You could always share more. :) Once you register, I will send my Venmo address.

Reservations will be closed a day before, so you can prepare. I will send a group letter with some instructions right after the reservations close.

I am looking forward to practice with you! :)

''Honoring Our Ancestors'' Shamanic Remote Fire Meditation

Needs a location

Hello beautiful people! I am inviting you to join ''Honoring Our Ancestors'' Shamanic Remote Fire Meditation.

To participate - it would be great if you could create Shamanic Altar by preparing some food offerings for the Spirits of your Ancestors, could be any type of food, that you like or you know they liked, for example: cheese, milk, sweet bread or any cooked dishes. It doesn't have to be a lot - a little is enough.

Light a candle/candles and create a strong intention to connect and honor your Ancestors. Then just be in your normal, classic meditation mode.

If you can't do Shamanic Altar, at least have a candle and a bowl of water on a clean space.

This is a remote group meditation, which means we won't be connecting via zoom. We will be in a meditation mode, with the same intentions all at the same time. There is a great power in it! I will be happy to hear your feedback with insights afterwards.

This night is a very special night, the veil between the Light and Darkness, between all the Worlds is thinning and the Earth element is falling asleep for 6 months.

More than ever before, we need to keep the Fire of our inner inspiration going bright because Mother Earth can't support and protect us in the same way during these months ahead. Fire element is still active and will be falling asleep on Winter Solstice.

This Shamanic Remote Meditation is intended to honor the Earth element and the Spirits of our Ancestors. As hereditary Tuvan Shamaness, together with my Shamanic Helping Spirits, I will open and hold meditation space for all who will decide to join for the duration of this meditation.

I will send specific instructions on how to join us, meaning what to think in a separate email to those who will decide to register. That email will be send about an hour prior.

Reservations will be closed two hours before we start.

It is a free offering.

Love to All of You!

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