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Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve (http://www.friendsofedgewood.org/) is a gem of the natural world just minutes outside Redwood City, and only 2 minutes off I280 (http://www.friendsofedgewood.org/directions). Why are we so enthusiastic about this park? Edgewood is known for its springtime serpentine wildflowers, but there are interesting and exciting things to see all year long. If you are fascinated by California’s ecological nooks and crannies, then come check out Edgewood Park. Although it is less than 1 square mile in area, there are 9 distinct plant communities, more than 500 plant species, over 100 kinds of birds, 20 mammals, lizards, snakes, butterflies, at least 5 fascinating spiders, and a myriad of cool bugs. On every walk you can enjoy oak woodlands, grasslands and chaparral. If you enjoy getting outdoors and engaging with nature and nature enthusiasts, please join us while we discover Edgewood's plants, animals, geology and more!

We're hooked in with local naturalists, so many of our walks will be led by trained docents from Friends of Edgewood Natural Preserve (http://www.FriendsofEdgewood.org).

Is your Meetup group interested in gathering at Edgewood? Feel free to contact us.

Out of consideration for your organizer and your fellow members, no-shows may result in your removal from the meetup group.

PARKING: Please carpool as much as possible.
Parking at Edgewood Park's main entrance is very limited, and the trails are well-used. That's why the events on the Edgewood Enthusiasts Meetup group will be held at off-peak hours, or will meet at other park trailheads. Look at each event for parking info for that time and trailhead.

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Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

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Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

Winter Solstice -- Third Saturday Nature Hike

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

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