Edinburgh Data Platform June 2018 -Introduction to Containers


Introduction to Containers - Chris (@SQLGeordie)

Containers have been around for a while now but are becoming increasingly popular and with Microsoft’s release of Windows Server 2016, Docker is now their effective container standard. In this demo heavy session, we will run through what containers are, how to get started with Docker and “spinning up” SQL Server environments with minimal fuss and how you can adapt these or indeed your own VM images to create your own bespoke SQL Server development and testing environments.

About Chris:
Chris (@SQLGeordie) is a Principal Consultant working at Jarrin Consultancy providing SQL Server and Microsoft Azure consultancy to clients worldwide in a variety of industries ranging from Financial to Healthcare. He has been working with SQL Server since 2001 and during that time has become extremely strong in all areas of SQL Server but specialises in Security, System Optimisation and SQL Server Internals.