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What we’re about

Bonjour et bienvenue dans notre groupe Meetup! 
People interested in France and the French language are very welcome here! - both native and non-native French speakers!

(On est évidemment très intéressés par les gens qui viennent d'arriver à Edimbourg et qui veulent rencontrer des gens de toutes nationalités - alors n'hésitez pas!)
Normally we meet for conversation and a few drinks in a pub, or wherever takes our fancy!
And we organise various activities from time to time, including parties, game nights, cinema outings, Burns Supper, ceilidhs, cinema, theatre.... 

We try to meet in person as much as possible, but of course during the pandemic we may also have online activities...


Things to look forward to Frenchwise  in Edinburgh:
- Cinéclub
- Wednesdays "Apéros du Mercredi"
- Soirées Jeux
- Storytelling sessions
- Book club
- "Speedmeetings"
- and much much more!
We are sponsored by Lise Morel T/A Premiere Classe: Lise, the group's organiser, runs French language classes in Edinburgh during the day or in the evening and is also an audiovisual translator - If you would like more information, you can have a look at Lise's websites here:
• French Translations
• FrenchEdinburgh

FAQs / Dos and Don'ts
Edimbourg Français, Edinburgh's French meetup, is a group sponsored by Lise Morel T/A Premiere Classe and organised by a college of organisers. The college of organisers is headed by Lise, a French teacher and translator.
If you are interested in helping to organise events, or if you have new ideas for activities, we are always happy to hear from you!

1. Do I have to speak French to participate in this club?
Yes, you do! Although we welcome everyone, regardless of their language ability, it is recommended you speak at least a bit of French, and some of the events are actually aimed at very fluent speakers.

2. What kinds of events does this Meetup group have?
The core mission of this group is to promote French language and culture in Edinburgh, by engaging in a variety of enjoyable group activities centered around that main theme.
We meet in pubs, over dinner or at members' flats to discuss anything to do with French? We are also organising more specific events, such as a film club and a book club. We have also been known to go to ceilidhs and other non-French events, to give our non-Scottish members the opportunity to sample Scottish culture!

Please note that this is a social club, not an opportunity to find free French teachers: if you feel you need to improve on your French, please don't hesitate to contact Lise!

3. What am I required to do as a member?
In order to remain a member of the club you must attend at least one event every 90 days.

This club is about actively supporting French through participation and socialising with other members. Our members support one another and improve the value of the club by adding their knowledge, personalities, humor, and insights to the events.
Inactive membership is detrimental to our continued success and we would like to encourage all members to contact an Organiser if they are unable to participate in events after 90 days.
Lise tidies up the membership list from time to time. She emails the group to let them know about that and encourages inactive members to contact them before they erase their membership. It is of course understood that anyone (who has not been banned) can join the group again once they have more time to take part in the activities.

4. Besides attending one event every 90 days, are there other requirements for membership?
When you register for the group, it is asked that you use your real name (at least your real first name followed by a an initial if need be). It is also recommended you upload a photo of yourself, as it will allow organisers to recognise you when you meet in person.

Regarding RSVPs: by RSVPing you keep the Organiser informed of your interest, what types of events members are interested in and what she can do to help members participate.
It can also be nice for a specific event's organiser to get some feedback about the activity they organised.

5. What does the RSVPs, "yes" and "no" mean?
o Yes: You have cleared your schedule and are attending. (Think of "yes" as a date to go to court.)
o No: You have noted the time and place of the event and either detail eliminates you as a possible attendee.
To be clear here, if there is only a 5% chance you'll be able to make an event then you are a "No".
People shouldn't feel uncomfortable saying no, if it is practically impossible they'll be able to make an event. It is very useful if you specify why you cannot come along to an event, so that the organiser will know whether you are interested or not in that specific type of event!

6. I confirmed "yes" and now I can't attend the event. What should I do?
Out of consideration for the time and efforts it takes to make arrangements for events, use the information from the FINAL DETAILS email (sent prior to all events), to contact the host/organiser and alert them as soon as possible you will be unable to attend.
We appreciate that things happen that can prevent your attendance, and would appreciate you taking a moment to let us know why you couldn't attend.

7. Exclusion from the group
You may be excluded from the group if you behave in an unsociable way:
- Systematically RSVPing Yes to limited availability events and then failing to turn up without a word of apology.
- Turning up unannounced at a limited availability event (ie, not having RSVPed)
- Overstepping the mark (for example, getting drunk at a party organised at someone's flat and sleeping it over in the host's flat without prior permission)
- Harassing members or organisers.

Finally, refusing to change a nickname to your proper name might be grounds for exclusion.

8. Harassment
There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment.
If you feel someone is being inappropriate at an event, the best thing is to go and tell the event's organiser immediately so that he/she can take steps to manage the situation.
If someone is being inappropriate through email contact or other, please collect evidence and contact Lise, the French meetup organiser.

Lise and the organisers, EDIMBOURG FRANCAIS

Meetup Terms and Conditions