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November meeting: R for spatial data and debugging with R / RStudio
Please join us for our final session in 2018! As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, including newcomers / beginners. We'll finish off the evening with a trip to the nearby St. Andrews Brewing Co. pub - all welcome! Our first speaker this month will be **Dr Michael Spencer**, data scientist and hydrologist at Scotland’s Rural College. He will be talking about GIS and R, and proposing some answers to the following question: ## Data Science and GIS >There’s a lot of buzz around spatial data science. The `sf` package has made some great progress in undertaking traditional GIS tasks within R. But where are the limits of R in spatial work and what role does traditional desktop GIS software have to play in our workflow? Our second speaker will be **Dr Christophe Ladroue**, senior statistical software programmer at Quantics, UK. He will be discussing: ## Debugging with RStudio >Using `print` statements is useful for tracking down a bug, but as soon as your program gets complex, this approach quickly becomes unwieldy. A debugger allows you to peek into your functions as they are used and helps you locate errors in your code more efficiently. I'll go through a programming scenario to demonstrate the usefulness of the `R` debugger, including some options present in RStudio.

David Hume Tower

Room LG.09 George Square · Edinburgh