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I run fun and interactive workshops for people who are beginners to the crystal obsessed. We learn about different topics surrounding crystals. Science,history,how to cleanse and charge,crystal grids, how to spot a fake.,pendulums,crystal oracle cards and more. I have a wide range of crystals for people to hold and connect to the crystals we learn about. I believe only you can decide if crystals and crystal healing is for you. It has been used as a healing tool since the beginning of time with civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis. It has even been mentioned in the bible over 200times.

Books and you tube videos will only get you so far when learning about crystals. Each crystal has a unique energy and only you will be able to tell if a particular crystal resonates with your energy and is waiting to b chosen by you for self healing issues from everything from anxiety, to chronic pain.

Come along and join in the fun learning. There will also be a crystal popup shop available on the day. So you can grab a crystal goodie while you are there.

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CRYSTAL CONFIDENT WORKSHOP Real vs Fake crystals, to avoid being ripped off

It has happened to us all you enter a crystal shop you instantly get drawn to that shiny one that stands out from the rest, you HAVE to have it. You buy it, take it home then something doesn't feel right. You don't know what to do with it? Don't know why you are not getting healing "vibes" from it? Then you wonder is it real? Have you made a mistake ? Has the shop seller missold something unintentionally? Should you take it back? I am here to guide you with my top tips to make sure that doesn't happen again. You will make confident choices in your purchases and know what you are buying and why.! In recent times there has been even more fake crystals out there on the market. Trouble is the problem is not so black and white. Crystals can be man-made,simulated, reconstituted, lab created and sellers sometimes don't even realise themselves what they are selling sometimes. At these workshops we have interactive fun looking at different crystals real and fake and learn to become more crystal confident when crystal shopping so that you can make the right decisions when buying online or in the shop. TOP TIPS ON HOW TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAKE AND REAL CRYSTALS! FUN AND INTERACTIVE GROUP DISCUSSIONS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HOLD AND CONNECT TO CRYSTALS AND LEARN HOW TO SPOT THE FAKES. ONLINE , INSHOP, AT GEM SHOWS. DISCOVER WAYS TO WORK WITH CRYSTALS FOR SELF HEALING OR TO ADD TO YOUR PRACTICE. ETHICALLY SOURCED? HOW CAN YOU TELL? DOES IT MATTER? How well do you really know your crystal collection? Could you spot the difference between a fake and the real deal when shopping for Crystals? Whether you are choosing Crystals for healing or just aesthetic purposes you really should know what you are buying. Don't let the excitement of buying that fabulous Crystal be a fakestake. Come along to this workshop, have fun while you learn how to buy a genuine natural Crystal from a genuine retailer. Learn the jargon sellers use to sell stock items. Discover the powerful energy of Crystals today and find the right Crystals for you. SPACES ARE LIMITED SO BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! VENUE:CHAKRAS ON MAIN ROAD AT GILMERTON DYKES STREET. TOILET FACILITIES AND SHOP ALL GROUND FLOOR FOR DISABLED ACCESS. CLIPBOARDS,HANDOUTS AND REFRESHMENTS GIVEN. LOOK FORWARD TOO SEEING YOU THERE!


Chakras Hair Salon

The pop-up shop will be held at the fantastic new location called CHAKRAS hair salon. I will be around to help and advise you on crystals to help you find the right ones to help you with whatever health issue or intention you wish to work on. Crystals can help with anything from anxiety to chronic pain. They can be used to help manifest the life you want and give you a confidence boost. I HAVE CRYSTALS AND STONES THAT ARE RAW AND TUMBLED FOR CRYSTAL HEALING GEMSTONE JEWELLERY SAGE AND INCENSE ENERGETIC PROTECTION CRYSTALS GEMSTONE ROLLER BOTTLES AND ACCESSORIES LOADS MORE TO CHOOSE FROM This pop-up shop is unique in that I am available to talk you with any questions you have on specific health concerns or advise for gifts, whatever you need. I am here to make crystal shopping easy for you. All crystals are ethically sourced and individually chosen by myself. So you know you are getting good value for money and the real deal! You are welcome to choose a selection of crystals you feel drawn to in my little picknmix bowls and sit and connect with them and see what resonates. The best way to learn about crystals is to hang out with them. No pressure to buy. I WILL ALSO BE RUNNING A CRYSTAL CONFIDENCE WORKSHOP BEFORE THE SHOP OPENS, TICKETS FOR WORKSHOP ATTENDEES WILL AUTOMATICALLY HAVE ACCESS TO THE SHOP. Come and hang out in the relaxed atmosphere of Chakras and meet like minded people. You can find out about what crystal healing and reiki therapies I also offer and how they can help you, therapies by appointment. Look forward to meeting you all then.x Free parking outside on main road All ground level for disabled access

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Chakras Hair Salon

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