What we're about

By "Free Software" we mean "your freedom to use software comes first." Like, you should not be subject to the whims of companies as to how you use your computer, or inexplicable price hikes that could exclude you from even opening projects you created just last week!

This group is for you if you want to find workshops that

* learn how to use your computer more effectively (people who type lots or use Office lots - these are for you)
* show you software that doesn't forcefully upsell you (computer users in creative activities take note! image, sound, layout and more!)
* show you how to keep your old computer running (if you think your 2 year old computer needs replacing, think again - probably has 4+ more years in it!)
* want to explore becoming a computer professional (the industry has been taken over by Free and Open Source Software/FOSS - we can show you how to get in on the game!)
* and anybody who really just needs a helping hand with their laptop usage

We'll be meeting in alternatingly Akva or Spoon on week-end afternoons, monthly. I hope to see you at one of our workshops soon!

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