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Monday night Strategy Games @ Six Degrees North
*Typical Games = Medium/Long, Euro, Strategy/Deep. *Suitability = Modern gaming experience beneficial. *Hosting = No guaranteed host, fellow gamers will welcome you. *Venue = Pub. *Food = Bar snacks. *Schedule = Weekly. --- This event is for those who want to play some of the longer, deeper strategy games that don't always get played at our other events. Here are some of the sort of games we typically play on a Monday night: Imperial, Power Grid, Game of Thrones, Galactic Emperor, Belfort, Caylus, Notre Dame, Lancaster etc. Note that the event relies on people bringing games so please bring your own similar favourites. Please add comments below this event about what games you are bringing, or which you want to play. We will not be playing quick or light games so if you are looking for these then maybe look at our Friday event. Please arrive from about 6.45 pm and we will delay starting games until we think that everyone has arrived. Typically games start just after 7 pm. So please update your RSVP if you can't come so we don't wait for you unnecessarily. If you expect to be late then say so, or don't be surprised if games have started without you. The venue is Six Degrees North in the New Town. This is a great bar with well lit tables and a very nice selection of premium craft beer. Bar snacks (not meals) are available. The beer list can be found here: Free WiFi is available - very useful because the phone signal can be weak inside. We don't have a separate area but we have reserved tables. If you have brought a game then please put it on the table so others can spot you as a gamer! We are an inclusive group but for this event you need to make sure that you have some experience of modern board games as the ones we are playing are not 'entry-level'. If you look at BGG and search for the games listed earlier you can gauge their level of difficulty compared to games you have played before (look at the 'Weight' rating). Event Notes * The event organiser (IanB) will not always be at the event. Other gamers will always be welcoming if you come up and say 'Hello, I'm new!' * All games brought at your own risk. * Take care where you put drinks, and what you do with your elbows, to avoid the possibility of spills. * If you start your game before 7 pm, and are not at the full player count, then expect to restart the game to accommodate people arriving up until 7 pm. * IMPORTANT: Since Six Degrees North are hosting us for free please buy a couple of drinks and don't nurse one drink all evening! Do not bring your own food or drinks.

Six Degrees North

24 Howe St, Edinburgh EH3 6TG · Edinburgh

What we're about

If you are into modern board games, and can get into Edinburgh, then this is the group for you!

We cover all sorts of 'tabletop games' which includes modern board games like: Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Game of Thrones or Small World. Also games that are mainly card driven like: Dixit, Dominion or Exploding Kittens! We also play thematic games that tell stories such as Star Wars: Imperial Assault, but we don't organise Role Playing Games. For RPGs in Edinburgh see this group (

Any introduction would not be complete without mentioning Monopoly (or Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, etc.). If you are looking to play these games then it is unlikely you will find many people here who are interested in them. This is because for the most part they have been 'fired' by much better games that are: quicker, more interesting, more inclusive and less boring! Take a look here ( more info.

We are very welcoming of people new to the tabletop gaming hobby, and nothing makes us happier than helping another person discover new games. Many of the events have a variety of lighter games which are easy to get into, with plenty of interaction and opportunity to have fun. We are focused on the friendly, social side of gaming and it is the core of what we do hence why we 'meet up'!

We are always on the lookout for new ideas for Meetup events so if you have any suggestions please use the button to contact the organisers and send us a message about your idea.

We have a Facebook page ( general chat and a guild ( BoardGameGeek (BGG). We also have a Slack group which is where members can chat to each other using an app that is like WhatsApp, more info here (

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