Introduction to Jenkins.


• What we'll do
This will be an introduction to Jenkins. It is targeted at individuals that would like to start using Jenkins, and providing them with an overview of some of the main components, functions and typical uses of Jenkins.

This will be a two part presentation, we will start with a number of slides to introduce the key concepts, followed by a break.
The second part will include a live demonstration of Jenkins in action, followed by a Q&A session.

We plan to cover the following topics:

Jenkins in a nutshell - what it is, how it works, typical use-cases

Installing Jenkins in a bare metal box
- Host installation
- Docker installation
Starting Jenkins

Administration and Authorisation in Jenkins
- Jenkins own DB
- Matrix based security
- Project based Matrix authorization strategy
- LDAP and AD

Global Variables

Email notifications

Global Tools Configuration (Git - Maven - Docker)

Plugin Management (Jenkins own and self-hosting Jenkins plugin registry)

Slave Node management
- Remote host requirements for a Jenkins node
- Different ways to deploy a new node

Creating and running a simple Jenkins job

Creating and running a simple pipeline job

• What to bring
We will provide electronic links and hard copies of the material we will cover.

There will also be pizza and beer for everybody courtesy of Hays.

• Important to know

This session is aimed at new Jenkins users and explaining the fundamentals, we are planning to follow this up with more advanced topics soon.

If you have any topics or issues you would like to cover, discuss or present in these sessions, please let us know!