ONLINE | Everyone loves a sausage: Running your own public cloud platform

Edinburgh Linux User Group (EdLUG)
Edinburgh Linux User Group (EdLUG)
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This month, Nick Jones will be giving us a talk on his bunker server farm, "Sausage Cloud!"

"From hosting QuakeWorld servers in the late 90s to running my own public cloud platform today, Linux and other free Unix-like operating systems have always empowered me to run my own services. In this talk I’ll cover a bit of history - what it took to run Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the early 2000s versus today - and why someone might be crazy enough to continue do such a thing.

"I’ll also cover the deployment specifics of this relatively small cloud platform that I run as a hobby project, using spare hardware cobbled together from various places, lashed together with Linux.”


19:00 - meet online:
19:15 - start talk
20:00 - closing notes. Q&A roundtable

The Q&A session allows online attendees to ask questions about Linux, Open Source, recommendations, etc; and any member can answer or chip in.