Gordon Gray - Linux Rootkits

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Edinburgh Linux User Group (EdLUG)
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This month Gordon will be giving us a talk about rootkits:

"A rootkit is a set of tools used by hackers to enable (root) access to a server while hiding their malicious activity.

"Gordon will explain how different types of Linux rootkit might work along with some technical background context about how Linux works at a lower level."


19:00 - meet, upstairs section of Akva
19:15 - start talk
20:00 - closing notes, socialise, play ping pong


If you have never been to one of these meetings, just know that it's friendly and informal - grab a pint or a soda, come ask questions, get help with open source software and Linux, and enjoy some geeky company!

There is often a Linux laptop on hand for a quick show and tell for anyone who is curious, and you can also bring your own laptop to troubleshoot Linux, or try Linux on your own laptop - without installing it.