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Let's come together and set our bimonthly schedule to meet up and develop our feminine nature, awaken our inner Goddess by means of genuine Tantric wisdom!
This group is for women of any background, who are simply in search of their own feminine ideal.
Based on Tantric wisdom, we will be meeting regularly, to connect and share our ideas, and put into practice tantra and yoga techniques to help us awaken more, as women, to help us reconnect to our own sensuality, to our own femininity!
We set our goal to provide a safe and beautiful environment for everyone who wishes to live a fuller life, with a more abundant feminine touch!
If you are interested, please get in touch, and join one of our meetings, to see what you feel like around us!

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Exploring the sacred realm of Goddess Tripura Bhairavi

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Lovely Ladies, as our journey circles further through the Tantric Goddesses we awake in our being, we are starting our meetings dedicated to Goddess Tripura Bhairavi, starting from February 9th 2021, so we invite you to come join us in this discovery journey. Find that inner Fire within your being that always keeps you going further, that strength that keeps bringing you up when everything else seems against it, and yet you rise high and shine bright. This is a group for women only, where we create a safe environment for you to open up, share your challenges and discover how they can all be overcome one by one, in a way that doesn't cost you your femininity, but on the contrary, it keeps bringing you closer to your feminine power, and shows you how you can manifest it more freely and consciously. Structure of the meeting: - beginning meditation of communion with the Goddess - personal sharing - introductory presentation of the Tantric Goddess of Fire - simple exercises of transfiguration and connection - expressing our gratitude to the Feminine Mother

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Circle of Femininity in adoration of Goddess Tara



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