What we're about

We are a community of spiritually and conscious minded business people, interested in getting support and giving support to our peers.

We hold the following types of activities:
1. Educational and training events to uplift, inform and transform our business and lives positively.
2. Networking events to enable connections to learn from each other.
3. Fun and social events.

Love to have you in our group.

To Success and Happiness
Alison Demarco - Spiritual Director & Visionary Leader


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5 Steps to Empowering Your Personality & Finding Your Purpose

This is a Virtual Meetup. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/576637915 You will receive this link again in a Meetup reminder closer to the event. www.AlisonDemarco.com 5 Steps to Empowering Your Personality & Finding Your Purpose Influencing your Persona to Creating a New Exciting Vision of The Future Become Awesomely Brilliant 1. Discover How to Unlock The Past Events, Memories and Thinking 2. Notice How Our Personality Traits and Conditioning ca Keep Us Locked Into Our Past 3. See How To Move From a Finite View of Self to an Infinite View of Self 4. Find The Key To Ignite Your Will 5. Determine Your Life Purpose 5 Steps To Empowering Your Personality Living With Peace - Joy in the Present Moment is an Absolute Right Tune into The Power of Light & Colour and Learn How Colour Can Lead You Towards Your Higher Consciousness A Brief Look at How You Can Move From Your Past & Achieve Peace, Happiness & Success 1. Insider Tips Unlock The Door to The Colourful Mind 2. Tools to Help You Understand How To Experience Joy and Happiness 3. Tune Into The Colours of Light - Highlight The Blind Spots Within Your Persona 4. Access Knowledge To Change Your Thinking 5. Right Now, Activate The Vision of Your Future

5 Secrets to Highlight Your Strengths, Skyrocket your Energy for Yourself

If there is a waiting list, please RSVP asap to join list. We market to several channels so the RSVP's here may not reflect the total expected. We will open up spaces closer to the event date and time - you will be alerted automatically when spaces open up. 5 Secrets to Highlight Your Strengths, Skyrocket your Energy for Yourself & Others 1. LIGHTNESS: Insider tips you need to gain a deeper understanding of your Lightness and its impact on your mind, body and soul. 2. RAISING SPIRITUAL ENERGY: See how Light is not only all around us but inside of us, and feel the benefits of experiencing Light’s energy as we raise our own Vibration. (I will explain what this means) 3. PEACE OF MIND: Understand how to remain one with the energy of Light, so you can continue to reach your highest consciousness leading to peace of mind. 4. CREATE A SENSE OF FLOW: Tune into the Light and highlight your persona, strengths & weaknesses, moods, reactions and energy. 5. PRACTICAL ACTIONS TO TAKE: Access tips to help you understand and troubleshoot how your thinking creates personality and present reality and how you can create infinite possibilities for your future destiny. Sometimes, you’re feeling a sense of Lightness, and you wish someone would just switch the Light on and Light up your world. You’re tired of everything, wasted time, effort and money on things that no longer make you happy. Set your mind to a high vibration and enter the happiness zone. You may have tried so many different ways to understand and connect with your deeper self and your environment but those ways may not have worked. I will show you how to make things work. Please RSVP as soon as possible. You know there is something missing in you and you’ve tried different methods to find the missing link. Please RSVP as soon as possible. No more relationship & misunderstandings. This event will help you achieve freedom for success, happiness and wealth. Please RSVP asap. To Success & Happiness Alison

Can't Stop The Music Sing A Long with Martin Aelred

Edinburgh Corn Exchange


Exciting News!! Fundraising Singalong Event. Can't Stop The Music. Led by Internationally Acclaimed tenor Martin Aelred!! Join us at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange Friday July 12th for what will be a great fun and entertaining evening. All proceeds to Edinburgh Headway Group. Supporting people with brain injury.

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