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The Edinburgh Zombie Club is a free monthly film club that takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at Banshee Labyrinth, with screenings of two films from 7.30pm onwards.

It's called the Zombie Club but we'll be screening anything that falls into that early 80's corner video shop exploitation genre...could be the Italian gore/sci-fi of Luigi Cozzi's 'Contamination' or the apocalypse now rip off 'The Last Hunter' starring David Warbeck or some straight Italian zombie stuff from Lucio Fulci. There's usually a theme or concept each month.

Previous films that have been shown include Fulci's "Zombie Flesh Eaters" and "The Beyond", the Carpenter double bill of "They Live" and "The Thing", "Death Line" (aka. Raw Meat), "Tombs of The Blind Dead", "Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue", "Basket Case", "Coffy", "Ms.45", "Zombie Holocaust (aka. Dr Butcher M.D.)", "Burial Ground", "City Of The Living Dead", "Cannibal Apocalypse", "The Switchblade Sisters", "Prince Of Darkness", "Night Of The Bloody Apes" and "Curse Of The Doll People" amongst others.

You can also find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/17992003132/

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