What we're about

This is a group for folk who like exploring the natural places in & around Edinburgh, sharing our knowledge and learning from each other. Our events are informal and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas for future events.

In this time of ecological crisis, getting to know the plants and animals with whom we share this planet is not just good for our own wellbeing, it also helps us understand how these other living beings are getting on and how we can support them to thrive.

We ask members to make an upfront donation to contribute towards Meetup fees - the suggested donation is £3 to £5. Please use this link http://paypal.me/EdinNatureMeetup and remember to enter your name! Any surplus will be used for venue hire or event expenses (should we organise events that require that) or will be carried over to the next year.

We are keen to build community around our connection with nature. We'd like members to be active in planning, organising and co-hosting events. Co-hosts might do any of the following: plan or suggest an event at a place they know well, do a site recce for interesting species or facilities, arrange to be the contact person for the meet, use their special areas of interest or knowledge (e.g. key out specimens or search for info on internet), take photos, write notes or species lists.


We are often over-subscribed for the events with restricted numbers. We ask members not to cancel at short notice so that those on the waiting list have a fair chance of attending. No shows are particularly irksome! Folk who repeatedly book and then make late cancellations will be moved from the 'going' list to the waiting list; and those who no show will get a warning & if they no show a 2nd time they'll be removed from the group. We hope we don't need to use this - you can message us via the app or on our mobile if you have a problem on the day. Thanks for your understanding!

As we're looking for active members, people that do not visit the Meetup page at least once every 4 months will be removed from the group.

Past events (114)

Autumn Equinox celebration Zoom

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Summer Solstice celebration - Zoom gathering

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Nature sightings exchange

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Spring Equinox at Craiglockhart Hill - Sat 21 March

Craiglockhart Leisure Centre & Tennis Centre

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