• Skeptical Sunday Lunch

    Filmhouse Cafe Bar

    Menu - www.filmhousecinema.com/sites/filmhousecinema.com/files/inline-files/Food%20Menu%20Feb%202019%20Price%20changes.pdf Get together for a pub lunch on a Sunday afternoon, save the cooking and washing up, have a drink, some great food and discuss all things skeptical, science, pseudoscience, politics, religion, anything. We welcome like-minded individuals to join us. No need to book but please RSVP to help us confirm numbers.

  • Brian Eggo: Moon Landing Hoaxers Greatest Hits - Debunked

    The Banshee Labyrinth

    Monthly Talk format with Q&A. FREE ENTRY. Room open from 7:25. Voluntary donations are welcome to help cover costs. Just over fifty years ago we landed on the moon ... or did we??? Yes, we did. We really did. Honest. Unfortunately we live in a time where a disturbingly large proportion of the population happily spread misinformation, distrust (real) experts, and fuel the flames of conspiracy despite overwhelming evidence. If you delve into the unpleasant world of moon hoaxer websites and discussion forums you'll see that the same set of claims crop up time after time. So, we're going to take an express tour through their 'top' items - with your help! About the speaker: Brian Eggo is most definitely NOT a rocket scientist. He is however the primary mouthpiece of Glasgow Skeptics, and he's even got a degree in Engineering. Twitter - @brianeggo Website - www.glasgowskeptics.com Entry is first-come-first-served basis and we will ask for a donation to help cover our costs. Your support is very welcome. Venue is strictly over-18 and access is via a narrow staircase. If you need help getting access, please let us know in advance (email [masked]) and we will try to help.