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All soccer enthusiast in and around the Edison area. For anyone that enjoys playing soccer and wants to stay in soccer shape during the on and off season. Open to all skill levels.

When - Games will be played during the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays @ 12pm. Players should try to get to the field approx 10 min prior to start, for warmups, team and position selection.

Location - Thomas Edison Park, near Middlesex County College. Multiple grass fields, field will be chosen upon arrival. (We are getting into the colder months so make sure you dress warm and run to help you stay warm and get the blood flowing 😉)

Team Structure - Depending on how many players we have, we can do 6vs6, 7vs7, 8vs8 etc. Based on that we can use the entire field or make it smaller using cones. Goalies recommended to switch every couple minutes, same goes with subs if any.

What to bring - Black and white shirt or long sleeves, soccer cleats, shin guards are recommended, water or w/e to stay hydrated.

Rules - No Slide Tackling! No horseplay, don't push or shove. No offsides. Don't cherry pick or ball hog. Respect your teammates and opponents and play nice.

Cancellations - Games can be cancelled based on the weather (Rain, Snow, Thunder) or not enough players. Games will be cancelled few hours in advance.

These are pick up games but should be competitive to help get players what they want from it. Either to have fun, stay/get in soccer shape, to get better etc.

See ya on the field ⚽.

**DISCLAIMER** - By participating in the games, you understand and accept that Edison Weekend Soccer and the organizer are not liable for any injuries that take place while playing. You accept taking full responsibility for your belongings/actions and acknowledge that you are playing at your own risk.

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