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• Tastier than a book club! We are a group of lively and diverse women who live and meet up in Edmond (some of our members also live in Oklahoma City) for a monthly Sunday evening dinner party. We enjoy great food, wine, and company.

• We usually meet the first or second Sunday of the month between 5:30 and 8:00pm for a dinner party related to a particular theme or cuisine. We all take turns hosting in our homes, and each member brings one dish to share with the others. We attempt to be adventurous in our chosen themes and make dishes we otherwise may never try on our own.

• We tend to have a theme inspired cocktail as our members arrive and get settled in, followed by a sit down dinner which usually includes an appetizer, salad, entrée, sides, dessert and wine with each meal. The host choses the theme, makes a signature cocktail, and provides all beverages for the evening - but all the cooking is done by the guests. The host will designate how many participants can be accommodated in her home. She will also create the ambiance for the dinner party by providing table décor, music, and supply drinks for the event. The host may also suggest various menu options for the month she is hosting.

• All participants will RSVP and post the dish they plan to make for each event. The participant may make a dish suggested by the host, or try out another ‘theme appropriate’ recipe. Participants should be mindful and offer to prepare different parts of the meal each month so that everyone has a chance to try their hand at making an entrée or dessert, etc. All food should be prepared in the participant’s home, and then brought to the host's home (remember to bring a serving spoon).

• There is a $100.00 limit, which can be spent on each dish. Each year, members will make a $20 contribution to the cooking club. The money is used to cover the cost of the meetup website and is also placed into a club emergency fund to replace a promised dish in the case a member is unable to bring the dish at the last minute. Any member who is unable to make their dish or does not show up to the event will have to repay the club emergency fund before they can attend another event.

• Members who want to try out the group before officially joining will have a sixty day grace period to attend their first event. Please email the coordinator for event details and location. If a member does not officially join the Edmond Cooking Club and make a deposit of $20 within the first sixty days of signing up, then Meetup will automatically remove them from the group. In order to curb lurkers and protect member privacy, if a member joins the group but does not participate in events, they will be removed from the group at the coordinators discretion.

• This is a women/adults only event. Significant others and children will have to stay behind and eat peanut butter sandwiches while we give our undivided attention to our cooking and company!

• You may be wondering if you have to be a good cook to be in this group? No! This is an opportunity for us to tap into our domestic goddess side, indulge in the art of entertaining, and stretch us to test ourselves in the kitchen. We all hope to gain some creativity in the kitchen and build cooking confidence through this process. Not only will we sharpen our culinary skills, we will very likely find some lifelong friends!

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