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Is your achieved 9 – 5 grind not giving you absolutely everything you dreamed of in

life? Do you leave the office/jobsite/clinic thinking “It would be great if I had a few

people to do SOMETHING with” as you loath yet one more commute home to a night

full of Netflix but sadly no “chill”? Well us too! As transplants from various parts of

Canada, we understand the social struggle that comes with leaving the comfort of

lifelong friends and family to chase careers, relationships, or whatever else may

have landed you here. We have no preconceived ideas of what these meet-ups will

consist of, who will be part of them, what exciting, anxious, shy, awkward, funny,

positive or life changing events will occur. We do know however that we’re bored;

and if we’re bored there must be other bored people too. However, to get the ball

rolling, here are a few things you can expect to do in this group:

Anything athletic

Anything outdoors

Anything pint/wine related

Anything anything anything……

Requirements to join the group:

1. Must be open to meeting new people (that's why you joined right)

2. Must love to have fun (I find it amusing when people put this on online profiles... who doesn't?)

3. Must have a visible picture of yourself (as we would like to know who we are meeting)

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Oilers Watch Party!! Game 5

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Craft Beer Festival

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Tennis Fest 2022!!

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Monthly Bowl Me Over

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Monthly Bowl Me Over

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