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Chapter 6: Acceleration
Biking up a hill. Lance Armstrong.
Moments of truth.
Where you define who you are and who you are becoming.
Growth and improvement live in moments of truth.
A rider’s real opponent is himself. Lance Armstrong.
What you do after you have done your best creates victories. Lou Holtz.
Lance Armstrong in Tour De France. Bad weather is perfect attacking weather because other riders don’t like it.
Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.
When you hit the wall is when you are separating your new self from your old self.

Multiplying your results.
Just a little more effort can add exponentially to your output.
Reps done after your max do not just add to results, they multiply results.
Do more than enough.

Beat the expectations.
Example: Oprah giving everyone in her audience a car.
You can do more than expected in every aspect of your life.
When can you go for “Wow!”?

Do the unexpected.
What’s popular is average.
Common things deliver common results.
McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc.
Ordinary is okay, but why not go for extraordinary?
Example, hand written Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards. Writing down what he appreciates about each person.
Example: Richard Branson marketing of Virgin brands.

Ensure your success by going all-in and all-out.
Author uses what he calls a “shock and awe” campaign.
Pull out all the stops.
Example: trying to get a job.
Be aggressive.
Make an impression.
Do the unexpected to have your voice heard.

Doing better than expected.
Find the line of expectation and then exceed it.
Always do and be better than expected.
Your reputation for excellence multiplies your results in the marketplace many times over.
Nordstrom return policy.
Find as many opportunities for wow as you can.

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