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H.E.A.R. T’s mission is to “Empower one person at a time”.

At H.E.A.R.T we believe through education and trauma coaching that we can change the stigma when it comes to people living with and caregiving for someone who’s life has been impacted negatively because of traumatic events. H.E.A.R.T prides it’s self on building positive trusting relationships with their clients. HE.A.R. T is very aware how difficult it can be to open up and trust the coaching process to be able to live a more productive life.

H.E.A.R. T’S approach to healing is determine the underlying trauma and using cognitive behavior techniques, reiki, and other holistic healing techniques. We believe that healing doesn’t have a lonely journey.

H.E.A.R.T believes that the family/ caregivers can help support the person who is healing from their trauma by learning how the trauma affects the person. Teaching the families/ caregiver what Trauma/ PTSD is. How conscious and unconscious triggers affect the persons actions. What is happening within the brain and how self-care and boundaries are important pieces of helping support their loved one.

Lisa’s has been working in the healing field since 2010 as a reiki practitioner and has spent the past 3 years as a Peer Support Volunteer for military spouses living with someone who has PTSD or an Occupational Stress Injury. Below you can find a list of her credentials:

Fitness and Nutrition Diploma – Stratford College

Personal Fitness Diploma – Ashworth College

Professional PTSD Counselling Diploma – The KEW Academy LTD- CTAA- Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach – Transformation Service, INC

Professional Life Coaching Certification- ECA Accreditation - Empowerment Life Coaching Academy

Peer Helper Training – Operational Stress Injury Social

Trauma Informed Care- Alberta Health Services

Suicide Prevention & Risk Assessment and Management- Alberta Health Services

Mental health First Aid- Mental Rescue

Neurosquenstial Model Training

Reiki Practitioner

Advance Angel Empowerment Practitioner

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Becoming Your Best-Self

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What is trauma/ PTSD?

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Really what is Trauma? What is PTSD?

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