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We were on December 9, 2012 CBC radio. Click and listen! (https://soundcloud.com/tom-zhang/rex-murphy-sunday-on-cross)

Thanks for visiting us, the first ever multi-language learning/practicing and culture sharing meetup group in Edmonton!

Why us? Because we believe that going to classroom, paying big fees for courses/materials, spending endless time to make your grammar, accent perfect is NOT the best way of speaking a new language fluently. Instead, the best way is to practice, practice and practice with the people who are native speakers and immerse yourself into its culture. And yes, besides your burning desire, the secret of learning any language successfully is to have genuine support from native speakers/helpers, or, what we call every member in our group, the

Native Language/cultural confidants

Here is how it works. Once you join, you will choose 4 time slots (45 min each) based on your own schedule in the coming half year, and when it is the time, with the comfort in home, you will be online using our premium SKYPE account to chat/speak/practice with the other members who are learning your native language, and you are their language confidant. As every member helps the other members in this way, the magic also starts right here. Now, you as a learner, also have the UNLIMITED access to all the other confidants' time sections on SKYPE to practice the language you want to learn! Isn't it a beautiful way of learning and sharing?

And there’re a lot more: we have face-to-face meetings monthly at various locations around Edmonton so that you can mingle with other members, share learning passions and experiences, support each other, and we have so called Facilitator Q&A section on regular basis online, so that you can bring on all the questions for the perfect answers, we have Culture confidants hosting talk-shows alive to answer all your culture related Questions! As we speak, our group has over 20 major languages/cultures all over the world! Oh, by the way, we also have Yoga and Ta Qi section as well…

How much does it cost? Only $20.00/half year! Or less than one Loonie/WEEK allows you the unlimited access to practice with native speakers the new language that might already cost you hundred dollars and still can’t talk!

I look forward to seeing you soon, and together, let's make the impossible happen naturally!

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