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May 30, 2017 - Rob Das - Up and Running with ASP.NET MVC-Core

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5:30-6:00pm Food

6:00-8:00pm Speaker: Rob Das


How to use Visual Studio 2017 and ASP.NET MVC Core 1.1 to easily and quickly build and deploy an enterprise-ready, scalable and extensible web application from scratch.

- Design patterns and theoretical model.

- Best practices including separation of concerns, convention over configuration and SOLID principles.

- Main components of ASP.NET MVC Core including routing, dependency injection and the request pipeline.

Coding Demo

Starting with an empty website template with no content whatsoever, quickly and easily building an MVC based website. Then publish and deploy it to a server. The website will have a layered architecture featuring presentation layer, RESTful API, domain services, and repositories.

Speaker Bio:

Rob Das is a dedicated information technology professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is particularly strong with object oriented software development, relational databases, and distributed web based applications. Rob graduated from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in computing science, later obtaining his I.S.P. certification from the Canada's association of information technology professionals (CIPS), and is currently ITCP certified as well as holding numerous vendor certifications. After becoming certified through Microsoft, Rob has worked with every version of the .NET framework. For the last 10 years Rob has been working as an IT consultant, and became incorporated in 2009 by starting his own consulting company, DTEK Consulting Services Ltd. Since becoming a consultant, Rob has had clients from government; manufacturing and insurance industries; and the criminal justice system.

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