Jan. 28 Ayo Dahunsi - Cutting development time by over 50% with code generation


Please note our location for this event is at Bonnie Doon public library.

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5:30-6:00pm Food
6:00-7:00pm Ayo Dahunsi - Cutting development time by over 50% with code generation

As developers, the code we write daily, for the most part is always repetitive. Over 60% of our code is always CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete). As a result of the complexity in anticipating what the logic of a codebase is based on, the traditional practice with code generators is to build in specific code generation logic into the engine, and for the most part, also generate a lot of redundant code that the user ends up deleting, a good example can be found with the Visual Studio templates. While these templates are powerful for a quick start, they do not allow for continuous development.. you generate once and that is it. What if you can have a smarter way of configuring and generating code? This is what CodeStencil will attempt to do.

Speaker Bio:
I have over 20 years experience as a developer and have worked in various industries from financial, government, medical. Most of my career, I worked in the United States for a company providing Cancer Administration software used in over thousands of sites worldwide and in the top cancer centres in the world including our own Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Ontario. I designed the enterprise scheduling system used in the software.

My passion has always been to find ways to do things faster and quicker and I hate repeating processes. If a process I repeated more than once, I always look for ways to automate that process.

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