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Every month James Knull and his expert colleagues host a discussion group with various practical topics relating to real estate investment. Whether you are flipping or buying and holding for cash flow, the topics we cover will be very helpful to build your business. Some of the topics we cover include:

-Financial property analysis

-Renovation tips

-Joint venture structuring

-Market analysis

-Rent to own strategies

-Multifamily purchasing

Our group tends to attract all kinds of industry professionals who make for a very intelligent and lively discussion. Everyone is welcome so please feel free to invite a friend or colleague

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Mogul Mastermind March 2019

Mogul Realty Group

6:30pm Registration & 7:00pm Start Calvin Hexter, Realtor at Mogul Realty Group, will be giving a breakdown on what we can expect from the Edmonton Real Estate Market in the next few months. He will also be giving some tips on what you can do to react to the current market. Juanita Brandon, Owner of Luxury Home & Commercial Cleaning, will speaking on the Importance of protecting your Real Estate investments/home, with proper and regular detailed cleaning to keep your home in optimal re-saleable condition. Shaun Maslyk, Certified Financial Planner with The Co-operators, will be speaking about the secret sauce to wealth-creation - a diversified portfolio. We all know what diversification is. However, when it comes to investing, we often overlook this incredibly powerful concept. I know, talking about diversification at a cocktail party isn’t as cool as talking about “that 25% ROI deal”. But when it comes to our wealth, diversification can be the difference between actually becoming financially independent and not doing so. Diversification protects us when the markets take a turn for the worse — which they do, and most likely will always do. Often, real estate investors find themselves too heavily invested in one particular asset class, which exposes their wealth and leaves it in a vulnerable position when the markets change. Warren Buffett’s quote encapsulates it perfectly: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Come hear how we can build a well-rounded and diversified portfolio to protect our wealth from what is inevitable — risk. Note: This event is for Investors & Clients, Realtors please expect to pay an entrance fee.

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Mogul Mastermind February 2019

Mogul Realty Group

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