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Meet other local people who are interested in Internet Marketing. We discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and more general issues related to SEO, Growing Organic Traffic, Content Marketing and link building.

This Meetup is about getting realistic and informational advice on what works with the search engines and meeting some great people locally. Show up once a month to find better ways to tune your site, get more distance from your marketing efforts, network and write better web content.

We share success stories, learn from other local SEO experts and other online entrepreneurs. We also want to sit down as neighbors and share some success stories, some advice on what didn't work and do some good old fashioned networking!

Our Meetups will discuss every aspect of SEO and growing your organic traffic. This is a casual meetup where we learn, share and network.

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Discover A Shortcut To Turbocharging your results with Instagram

Rapid Boost Marketing Training Office

Instagram presents a massive traffic opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs. If you are selling any kind of services or products, Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy. There are no two ways about it. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you skip Insta-gram. Sounds awesome so far, right?Well, here's the problem: Most people who try Instagram flat out fail. They really do. It's easy to get excited about Instagram's reach, user consumption patterns, and overall traffic volume. It's very easy to get pumped up when it comes to those facts. But the problem is, most people who try marketing on Instagram fail to get the results they are looking for. You don't have to follow the pattern most of your competitors go through. You can succeed, but you have to get your mind right. Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Learn In The Event... 10 Key Reasons Most Marketers Fail on Instagram You Don't Have to Fail Instagram Success is All About Persona Find Your Competitors on Instagram and Reverse Engineer Them Curate Top Notch Content and Mix in Your Reverse Engineered Content Adopt a Content-First Sales Funnel Use Facebook's Ad Retargeting System to Pull Instagram Users Deeper Into Your Funnel Pay and Interact with Niche-Specific Instagram Influencers Continuously Optimize All Parts of Your Funnel Best Practices

Outrank Your Competition - 2019 SEO & Content Marketing

Rapid Boost Marketing Training Office


EXCLUSIVE SEO & CONTENT MARKETING 2019 TRAINING & WORKSHOP IN EDMONTON PUT YOUR WEBSITE IN FRONT OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY ARE ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR YOUR SERVICE ON GOOGLE. LEARN HOW TO GET GOOGLE TRAFFIC FROM AN SEO AGENCY THAT ACTUALLY RANKS: In this SEO training session, you will be learning strategies that have ranked over 400 keywords in the top 3 positions and over 1500 keywords on page 1 for local CANADIAN businesses, many in competitive markets with high search volumes. What you will get out of the Masterclass & why you should come: Opportunity to verify and check your current website and SEO methods to see if they work How to reverse engineer your competitor's SEO strategy How to optimize for Google & Bing Maps How to find what people are searching for Find your best keywords (search phrases that your customers are typing in Google to find your product/service) How to optimize your website to meet Google's standards Tested & safe strategies to boost your SEO and improve your Google rankings Checklist questions to see if your current suppliers are up to scratch Interactive environment for in-depth discussion - "do's and don't" discovery Professional development training opportunity for marketing managers or business owners Great networking opportunity with other like-minded business owners in the room Handouts and Worksheets will be provided + access to online resources to help you implement what you learned later.

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