What we're about

You have questions? Not satisfied with what others are telling you? You feel there is something missing, something more than what appears to be?

This may be a place to find rest, truth, peace, what ever you think you are looking for and possibly discover what you are really looking for...

Your Host Darryl ‘Daz’ Snaychuk has traveled repeatedly to India where he studied with renowned Vedanta (Non Duality) teachers James Swartz and Swami Dayandanda.

Today he brings his deep understanding of Self Realization and these teachings to us. Darryl, in an easy, clear and approachable way offers support in finding answers many spiritual seekers are asking themselves these days: What is my true nature? Who am I? What is enlightenment really about?

There’s a great deal of confusion about these matters in our modern spiritual world. Darryl patiently and with great clarity assists us in the practice of self-inquiry, guiding us towards recognition of who we truly are.

These meetings are offered on a donation basis and attendees are encouraged to bring their burning questions for consideration.

A modest number of meditation cushions and chairs are available for use and attendees are welcome to bring their own. To inquire about private consultations, Darryl can be reached at 780-999-4149

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