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Aliens, Ancient and Modern
Bring your coloring book and pencil crayons. The relaxed atmosphere might help induce thoughts about alien interactions from ancient times until now. Past lives, technologies, astral travels. Let's talk about it. This is a team-up with my very good friend ian's monthly coloring book night, so in good weather we'll take it to the patio. Parking $5 all night beside Students Union Building at Stadium Car Park 116 st 89 ave.

Food Court, Main Floor, Students Union Building, University of Alberta

Students Union Building, University of Alberta, T6G 2E1 · Edmonton, Alberta, AB


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What we're about

Who created this group and Why?

Diana has been a Spiritual seeker for over four years now and has a passion for out of the ordinary experiences, whether ESP, healing, or ET related. She has been a member of a few different groups and have seen and heard many amazing things – anything from finding the actual end of the rainbow (hint: there was no gold) to being on a Starship.
Like many of us, she has searched for a long time to find her roots, never really feeling at home anywhere, but realized that she has been incarnated in a few different Star systems, one of them being the Pleiades. More importantly, she is looking to bring together people with the same interests for sharing and helping each other in our quests for knowledge. Every Starseed and Starseeker is a priceless asset in helping to shape a positive future for Gaia.

What is a Starseed?

There are many definitions. Loosely speaking, it has been explained to me that we all belong in this category since Gaia (Earth) was seeded a very long time ago by visitors. However, a more specific definition typically talks about souls that have started out their incarnations in other Starsystems and only recently (within the last 5 to 10 generations or so) decided to come and reincarnate on Gaia. These souls may have come here specifically to help in these tumultuous times. This is why Starseeds are often also called Lightworkers. Whatever definition rings true for you is what counts.
The term Starseeker used here is meant to include people who may not define themselves as Starseeds, but very much identify with a search for our Inter-Galactic neighbours and friends. In the same breath, Truthseekers may be those who simply feel that there must be “something more” out there and would love to find out what it could be...

What can you expect from this Meet-Up Group?

The purpose of this group is to create a safe environment for allowing like minded souls to discuss experiences and to empower each other in quests for knowledge and grow together into something larger than ourselves. You will be expected to stay within an agreement to keep the subjects confidential and not share without consent, especially on social media.

The intent is to have regular monthly or bi-monthly meetings where we can talk candidly and without judgement and truly enjoy our time together. Typical discussions may include time travel, healing devices, multi-dimensionals, hollow Earth, and more. Other elements such as group mediation, presentations, and workshops will be welcomed to the agenda if desired. It would be awesome to go sky-watching together!

Who should join?

This group is for people inspired to act in a positive and supporting manner and ready to help add pieces to the puzzle. Whether you feel that you are of Starseed origin or would like somebody to validate what you have been through, or simply are a Truthseeker, we would welcome you with open arms. You may have heard of or read the Urantia book, anti-gravity devices, astral travel, GFL or countless other spiritual and galactic phenomena.

If you are searching for your Starfamily – or have already found it - or just want to hang out with other people who won't judge you or give a blank stare when you are talking about what matters to you, here we are. If you have a mission – as Starseeds typically do – we would love to hear all about it to see how we can help you fulfill it!

When, Where & How Much?

Currently, the meetups are in central-Edmonton. All meetings are free and will remain free, except for special events. The plan is to meet monthly or bi-monthly and then more frequently if desired. We may have to move to bigger locales as the group grows.

My biggest wish is for this group to grow really strong together and become an exceptional living organism in and of its own. If even one soul can be helped at any level, it is an amazing feat!

Much Love and Light,


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