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Anyone who is currently working with Unreal 4 Engine to create next generation video game content is welcome. We will be covering a wide range of topics from Classic Game Development & Practices to Virtual Reality and the future of gaming using Unreal Technologies.

The group will also focus on putting together a highly skilled and passionate group of developers and artists to work on small, yet fully developed and release ready games to be profit shared evenly. (More of a learning experience in teamwork and game design, but hey if it makes money great)

We will work on a range of game types; everything from Side Scrolling Platformers, Shooters, Flying & Racing, you name it we'll eventually cover it in a game dev. which will typically last anywhere from 1-3 months each depending on complexity and number of individuals willing to contribute their time and skills.

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Discuss Unreal / Projects / Collaborations

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Unreal 4 Engine - Meeting 1

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First Ever, Edmonton Unreal Engine Developers Meetup!

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