What we're about

If you've heard the power of Vision Boards, welcome!

We are a group of non-judgemental people who believe anything is possible.

This group is for you if:
- You've wondered if there's more to life, what you have, right now than what has shown up for you.
- You're open to possibilities.
- You're looking for a group of people who love to meet up and talk and share about their dreams, passions and desires with no judgement.
- You like having clean fun with a respectful group while increasing your chances of reaching your goals/dreams.

Don't join if:
- You're critical, judgemental and non-participative.

But if you're ready to get closer to making your dreams/goals a reality, Join us!

To those who haven't heard of a Vision Board. It's basically a Poster Board where you paste cut-outs of things you'd like to show up in your life. Things, experiences, people, whatever it may be, these are things you desire, and perhaps things you have no idea HOW to get or acquire. It doesn't matter, these are your desires.

In a way you can also call a Vision Board a Desire Board :-) whichever speaks most to you.

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Create-Your-Life Vision Board

Quality Inn

Fast-Action-Takers Pricing in Effect til March 2 only! Message me for details. What does Oprah, Katie Perry, Madonna, Jim Carrey, Dr John deMartini and many other succesful people have in common? They're big proponets of Vision Boards! Why? Because they're so simple to make and yet it gets you Results! Now what's a vision board? It's really just a simple poster board where you paste picture of things and words that empower you and make you feel alive. They're usually dreams and goals you'd like to achieve and experience. The PROBLEM with Vision Boards however is that it's a hit and miss! Some people manifest their dreams and hit their goals but for some, NADA. Why is that? What separates some vision boards from others? Well, actually it's with you. If you know How to Create a Vision Board that is congruent to who you are, your deepest core values, then you're very likely to manifest your desires than others, and oftentimes FASTER too. So why would you waste time making a vision board that may be a hit or miss? Don't! Come Join us this Sunday, and give yourself some time to set a powerful intention on your life, business, career, etc. I know too many of us can easily get carried away with being "busy" not realizing if we're really on the path we'd really LOVE to be on. Have you thought about ASKING for a better path? Or what IF, there was a path you could take where your dreams, goals, ambitions, desires happen effortlessly? EFFORT-LESS. Flow. Perfect Timing. They happen when You, as a magnificent creator, acknowledge your powerful ability as a divine being, creator of your life. I found the easiest, simplest way to do this is to create an EFFECTIVE vision board. Effective. A vision board that Speaks to your SubConscious. I wondered for many years, and studied and applied why so many people could manifest and turn their dreams into reality faster than others. In this all-day Immersion, you will learn how. This isn't going to be your typical cut-and-paste-my-dream-life kinda day. I'll help you: - understand your deepest core values - align with your heart's desires - be courageous to own what you TRULY WANT - acknowledge what your spirit calls you to be/do. All those will be key to creating a Vision Board that Speaks to your subconscious. When it does, manifestation happens faster. Ready to make 2019 the most remarkable year you've ever had? So much Love, #MariaHillgardner, Breakthrough Coach CEO, High Impact Transformation Coaching Founder, Edmonton Vision Board Workshop #HITCoaching #EdmontonVisionBoards ps. Why should you choose ME to facilitate you in creating a powerful vision board? Here are some of my past clients' results after working with me: - lost 4lbs immediately right after (she wanted to lose weight and continued to lose another 25lbs and reached her weight goal). - closed a $850k deal and made a $25k commission. (He had a $3M goal which he surpassed to $3.8M while working with me) - healed a 77-yr arthrities/knee pain. - healed a tennis elbow she has had for 15yrs. - 400x her janitorial business - received surprise coffee date from a crush after not getting any dates for 5 years. (She wanted to start dating) - healed a 20-yr anxiety - finally got over her phobia of flying. - received a surprise 2-week vacation to Mexico. (She wanted to experience what it's like to go on vacation in the tropics). I am called a Breakthrough Coach for a reason because I can help you get aligned powerfully with your dreams/goals and aspirations. Save your seat and join us! I'd love to meet you there!

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