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Hello and Welcome to Edmonton's Cashflow Club (ECC) !

ECC creates an experience in sharing solutions, become financially empowered, and discover what it might mean to you to be a Money Ninja in your life - master of money!

There is a code of honor in place to ensure the respect of everyone's time and achieve the most out of our time together. (Thank you Jimmie Jayes)

We play Cashflow and we bring people who are interested in learning in a fun environment. You get to meet people and network with others that have same interests.

Where to start? Become a member of this awesome group.

Come play Cashflow once a month regularly - it is a fantastic way to spend the evening and meet other people.

Yours Truly,

Paul & Winnie

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Play Cashflow 101 & Advanced.

5615 94a St NW

Learn to get time and financial independence through passive income! The cashflow game teaches about real estate, the stock market, business and all types of passive income with zero risk. Meet and network with people who are on the same path as you, and find mentors who have already succeeded at what you want to learn! Have a lot of fun in a very safe, beginner friendly environment. Come and test the skills you learned from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, and see how well you do! Parking can be limited so please come a few minutes early! New People are always welcome. Games for Beginners and Seasoned Rat Race Assassins also! **NOTE** If you have played one game, you can use the advanced rule. APRIL Advanced rule: Learn about increasing your cashflow and lowering expenses with Air BNB - even when you're downsized.

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Cashflow Strategy - RAISING CAPITAL

5615 94a St NW

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