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The Edmonton Film Meetup is a venue for film enthusiasts to share a common love for watching films of differing genres.

Effective October 1, 2014, all new members must have a clear solo picture of yourself with no hats nor sunglasses to hide from, fully clothed. Please use your real name, first name is fine, no initials only. If you are not willing to have a real identity, the Film Meetup is not for you. For safety reasons, members need to know who they will be going to the movies with. Also, do not promote company names or products on your profile. Do not post spam links to outside web sites or promotional contact info unless you are a sponsor or an organizer. Doing any of the above will get you removed.

As of January 1, 2016, new members are now given 3 months to attend their first meetup. This can be extended if we have less than 5 Film meetup events posted within the 3 month period. We find that new members who attend soon after joining is likely to attend future events. Please join if you are serious about attending a film meetup.


All members can be film meetup event organizers. Anyone of our members simply need to suggest a meetup idea which automatically becomes a meetup. All film meetup suggestions must have the following info:

Which film are you going to see? (please add a link for the film's description and trailer)

What is the date and time you want to see this film? (you must choose a date and time)

Where are you going to see this film and the meeting point? (choose a location)

How are people going to recognize you? (give location, holding a sign, how long, etc)


Please do not do a joint meetup without the approval because not all meetups and its members are compatible. Although there are many meetups with similar members, this does not mean that two or more groups would be a good blend. Please refrain from such activities unless you discuss it first with Rico, the Organizer for this meetup.

There is currently no meetup event fee as we currently have our main organizer paying for the fees of $250Cdn/year.

When you RSVP with a YES, please make sure you attend. If you cant make it, you just need to update your response. Or at worst, email the organizer that you can't make it... no reason is needed. However, lack of communication means a No Show. Please be prepared to be removed from the group if you are a No Show even once without an explanation. As long as you are not banned from the group, you can always re-add yourself. Please RSVP YES only if you can truly attend, not because you are wishing to attend. This way, the organizer knows how many members are truly going to attend. NO MAYBES ;) A last minute YES RSVP is better than a last-minute cancellation.

Lastly, please be active to remain as a member. After the initial 3 month rule for new members, all members must attend at least 1 film event every 6 months or they will be removed from the Film Meetup group regardless of your long standing status. This is your meetup group and so make sure to be an active member by attending meetups. Edmonton Film Meetup is only interested in having members who wants to be active instead of just thinking of attending.

Thank you for supporting the Edmonton Film Meetup!


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