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Is College the right choice for your child? With Michelle Sklaver

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Join us as Michelle Sklaver shares her experiences as a Life and College Coach.

Michelle went through a period of mediocrity in High School, until one day she decided that she wanted more. She wanted to excel. Michelle went on to the University of Southern California, double-majored, and then went on to make excellent money by the time she was just 25. She knows what students are going through, the pressures they face, and the temptations and decisions at every corner. That is why Michelle decided to become a certified Life and College Coach, to share her experiences getting into a top tier school, as well as her passion for helping people realize and achieve their goals. Michelle graduated from USC in 2007, so she is just a few steps ahead our college-bound students. Her philosophy is that clients know what is best for them, even if they haven’t surfaced this knowledge yet. Michelle's gift is bringing this wisdom to light and helping people take action.

The topic of discussion will explore how most young adults approach college, with a vague idea that 1) they're expected to go to college 2) they know they need to get a job some day, and 3) some schools are ranked higher than other schools (brand appeal). While these factors may motivate some students to work hard to get into college, the excitement often wears off once they're there. They're in. Now what? Other young adults are not moved by these reasons, and they do not work hard to get into college at all.

The challenge is, how can we help young adults view college as a tool to support their passion and enhance their individuality, rather than a right of passage that is expected of them? It takes some soul searching, self-discovery, and a willingness to step out of the box and think about ourselves, our purpose, and our education differently. I will be exploring ways that we can help young adults commit to their growth and success, identify their interests and strengths, and figure out how college can be used as a tool to aid in their continued growth, while also allowing them to be on track for a lucrative career and lifestyle.

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