Educational Hackathon


Dear Members,

EDM/LA Meetup is planning on putting together an all-day Hackathon on April 25th. We will be collaborating with several other Boston based Meetups to make this a wider audience event (details are coming soon).

There will be several sets of open data provided for this event along with an opportunity to bring along your own idea. The requirement is to have an education purpose as the goal of the project. Participants will be split into groups and will have separate conference rooms and all the necessary tools/recourses to create a product (both in conventional and non conventional sense). Please bring your computers.

The core of this Hackathon is to work with and for education, hence we encourage people from diverse background to participate (e.g., front end developers, server side engineers, data scientists, educators, etc.

This event has a LIMIT of 70 participants.

Agenda & Event Details


o 281 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

Date & Time

o April 25th, Saturday

o 8AM – 7PM


o MHE -

o DataXu -

o Open DS Conference -

o Cognii -


o For the event

The audience of this event is quite wide, ranging from educators such as teachers/researchers to front end/back end engineers, developers, designers, system architects etc. We are collaborating with 4 other Meetup groups (Data Science Professionals of Boston, New England Software Engineers, Boston Predictive Analytics, and Boston Data Mining) in order to bring together people from diverse background to participate in this hackathon.

o For participants

This event will provide participants opportunities to meet other professionals in the field and in competing fields, to learn more about educational needs from educators, to learn about new tools and techniques and finally to apply their knowledge in a collaborative project based learning environment. Finally, this is an event for participants to enjoy.

o For sponsors

Supporting this community




o For organizers

Knowledge sharing

Making educators aware of ed companies and vice versa




o Software engineers (aka front end developers, back end developers)

o Computer scientists

o Educators (aka teachers, instructional designers, professors etc.)

o Designers (UI/UX)

o Product managers

o Anyone who feels they can make a contribution to their team


o Competition

o Team based work

o Product development

o Presentation

o Jury


o 8AM-9AM - Breakfast + Networking

o 9AM-9:30AM

Organizers (10-15 min)

Sponsors (15-20 min altogether)

o 9:30AM-12:30PM Team work

o 12:30PM-1:00PM Lunch

o 1:00PM-5:30PM Resume Work

o 5:30-6:00PM Dinner

o 6:00PM – 6:30PM Presentations and Jury Decision


o Prize

For the winning team!

o Food

Will be provided (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks).

o Recourses

1 conference/work room per team

1-2 mentors per team

Rooms will be equipped with audio and video equipment (+adapters)

Bring your own computer

White boards and markers

While we are still hashing out some of the details, please do not hesitate to post here or message with suggestions and questions.