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What we’re about

We are building a community for all those interested in doing good better. We consider scale, neglectedness, and tractability to look for underrated opportunities to do good, then we build our careers around them. We support and care for one another to plan for the long term: building, not burnout.

There are currently no regular meetings scheduled. Check the Meetup page for upcoming one-off events.

We meet to network with aspiring effective altruists, find out more about effective altruism, current global trends, and learn more about the world's most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them.

We are loosely aligned to the global EA movement. You can read more about the global movement here or read a third party summary here

Whether you're a seasoned EA or whether this is the first time you've ever heard of EA, you are warmly welcome to come along and find out more.

We strive to ensure a diverse set of voices are heard, and we emphasise that women and non-binary people, tangata whenua and other people of colour, and people of all ages, religions, belief systems, and political perspectives are welcome at our meetings to share in our common interest in effective altruism.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION ONLINE: Check out the New Zealand Effective Altruism Facebook Group at to join the discussion.

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