What we're about

Effective Altruism is a global movement that's all about applying evidence, reason and rationality to the goal of making the world a better place.

We're a diverse group coming from all different kinds of backgrounds including students, textile designers and financiers, all unified by our motivation to collaborate and critically discuss the most effective ways to help people.

We will host regular talks and social events for anyone interested in the many issues related to Effective Altruism, including:

• How to research and give to the most effective charities

• How to think critically about which causes to support, from global health to animal suffering, and even to artifical intelligence (for more information on this: https://80000hours.org/articles/cause-selec... (https://80000hours.org/articles/cause-selection/))

• How to choose a career that will maximize positive impact

We are very welcoming so definitely come along if any of this sounds, interesting, even if you don't know anyone or have never been before. And bring along any friends too. :-)

Further reading on effective altruism: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effective_altruism

Hope to see you soon!

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The Gingerman

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