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We use evidence and reason to ask "Where can a small set of individuals make the biggest difference?" We’re entrepreneurs and economists. CEOs and scientists. Students and philanthropists. And if you're ready to rethink social impact, you're ready to join us.

Our meetings are usually held in the Community Room at el Mercado La Paloma, 3655 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007. It's a shopping and food court, very close to USC. It includes the awesome AZLA Vegan Ethiopian, as well as Mexican, Thai, and American Cuisine restaurants.
There are two categories of events for Effective Altruism Los Angeles.
"EA Social" events offer a chance for Los Angeles Effective Altruists to get to know each other and have fun exploring activities around the Southland. These are lighter on philosophy and great for first time and return attendees.

"EA InDepth" events are organized around exploring and discussing ideas central to Effective Altruism. These are also great for first time and return attendees looking for a more substantive experience.

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EA-LA September Meeting

Mercado La Paloma

EA-LA August Meeting

Mercado La Paloma

EA-LA July Meeting

Mercado La Paloma

EA-LA June Meeting

Mercado La Paloma

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