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A Global Community - intro to Effective Altruism Organisations
Do you know your EAF from your EAG? Or your FHI from your FLI? There are now more than a dozen organisations that have been established around the world inspired by the ideas of effective altruism. Bridget Williams will provide an overview of the global landscape of EA-aligned and EA-adjacent organisations, to show the breadth of work and ideas that contribute to effective altruism. If you're curious about how EA ideas have been put into action globally, or if you might be interested in getting involved more directly by working at an EA-inspired organisation then this talk is for you. Bridget is the former manager of Effective Altruism Australia, a non-profit organisation that helps Australians to do the most good they can through their donations. Bridget is also a medical doctor undertaking specialist training in public health medicine. She works as a Public Health Registrar at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, conducting research to guide policy to protect vulnerable populations from infectious diseases. She completed her medical studies at Monash University, with an honours research year in bioethics conducted through Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and also holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney. The event will be $5, doors opening at 6pm for a 6:30 start, with vegan sushi provided!

Energy Lab, Building 25

4 Buckland St Chippendale · Sydney

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We're a group of Effective Altruists ( around the Sydney area. If you're someone that wants to do the most good possible with your life then we're the group for you! We meet up to discuss the most cost effective ways to help people, collaborate on projects, network and discuss careers. Read more about us here (

We normally hold one event each month. At the moment we are running dinners at Lentil As Anything Newtown for people to casually chat about effective altruism or whatever else they are interested in, but we are also looking to bring in some speakers for future events. These events are run on Thursdays. Currently, most of our events are organised through our Effective Altruism Sydney ( group. If you join the group and add Sydney Altruist ( as a friend, we'll be able to invite you to events.

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