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As parents, we are basically brain builders. We are helping our kids build the neurological network that will set them up for success in life. It’s also the attachments during this time with caregivers that will set precedence for the kind of relationships they will have later in life. How does a parent balance these basic principles with discipline to shape and correct behavioral challenges that inevitably arise during childhood?

Join the class to learn how to make your child’s formative years positively impact a lifetime.

What you will learn:

Implement discipline strategies that work
Manage tantrums
Deepen parent-child connection
Understand the neuroscience of development
Help your child regulate emotions and develop emotional intelligence

** This class is a series of 4 sessions:
Tuesdays, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/18

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. To register:


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