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Elastic MySQL Database Scalability

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Amrith Kumar, CTO of ParElastic will be giving a talk on how to use ParElastic to create a flexible MySQL data tier to adapt to your systems ongoing and varied data demands.


6:30 Meet and Greet

6:45 Pizza sponsored by ParElastic

6:55 Introduction and Announcements

7:00 Presentation by Amrith

8:30 Q&A

9:00 Move to a local bar for drinks and chat

Elastic Database Scalability: Making your MySQL data tier flexible and adaptable to system demand with ParElastic


Conventionally relational databases are inflexible and application developers are required to configure and provision database capacity to meet peak or near demand. This is neither cost effective, nor even feasible for high growth companies.

Traditional solutions to this problem are hard-to-use, non-standard, and fragile. In this talk, we present an alternative approach to solve this problem based on ParElastic. ParElastic is software that makes
groups of databases work together as a single virtual database. The application perceives a single instance of MySQL and in most cases the unmodified application can be made to work with ParElastic.

In the presentation, we describe the product, some of the inner workings and will include a brief demonstration.

About the speaker

Amrith is a founder and the chief technology officer of ParElastic. He brings over two decades of experience delivering industry- leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault tolerant high performance systems and massively parallel databases.

About ParElastic

Founded in 2010, ParElastic is led by industry veterans with deep database expertise. Heralding from Object Design and Netezza, co-founders Ken Rugg, CEO and Amrith Kumar, CTO understand scalability from years of hands on experience building some of the world’s largest and most complex systems.

While the market is flooded with database options, Ken and Amrith recognized an underserved operational market that is not only growing in need, but ripe for adoption of new approaches. They founded ParElastic on one simple principle; database architecture should be flexible, scalable and cost effective without sacrificing one workload for the optimization of another.

ParElastic is the only solution that brings the flexibility of cloud architectures to all dimensions of your database. Leveraging your existing MySQL servers ParElastic enables unprecedented adaptability to ever changing workloads and information consumption patterns.