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MyRocks: Space and write optimized MySQL database at Facebook

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Price: $5.00 /per person


110 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor · New York, NY

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Work-Bench, 110 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor New York, New York 10011


In December we have special guest speaker Yoshinori Matsunobu from Facebook who is going to talk to us about MyRocks. Thanks to Work-Bench for providing the event space for this presentation.

Facebook created and open-sourced a next generation OLTP SQL database on modern Flash storage called MyRocks -- RocksDB storage engine for MySQL. Facebook has used MySQL (InnoDB) for many years, and InnoDB is a great general purpose database and in many cases is the best fit. Facebook wanted more space to write optimized databases that work more efficiently on Flash. There was room to write optimized NoSQL databases outside of MySQL ecosystem, but the company wanted to utilize existing MySQL assets like client programs relying on SQL and MySQL connectors, Replication, and administration tools. To meet these requirements, it created a new MySQL storage engine on top of RocksDB ( ) -- MyRocks ( ).

In this session, the speaker will introduce MyRocks, its architecture, and how Facebook is using MyRocks in production.


6:15pm Meet and greet

6:30pm Presentation

7:30pm Q&A

8:00pm wrap-up

RSVP's will close one day before the event to finalize names for the event space.

About the speaker

Yoshinori Matsunobu is a Production Engineer at Facebook, and now is leading MyRocks project. Yoshinori has been around MyRocks community for over 10 years, and was a senior consultant at MySQL Inc since 2006 to 2010. Yoshinori created a couple of useful open source product/tools, including MHA (automated MySQL master failover tool) and quickstack.